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opengl is bad. it looks horrid, and is terribly optimized, i highly doubt ogl could do anything to increase performance.

Also, i really hope that 2.2 could get a port for the 3ds, would be really great to not have to hack my switch since i dont wanna get bean'd

The very beginning of CEZ2 already runs at 8fps, I am sure that OpenGL would improve performance at least somewhat. Overall the performance isn't especially amazing, which is likely the main factor that prevents a 3DS port from ever happening.

Switch hacking is also pretty safe as long as you don't do things like pirating games or cheating online, I've actually had my Switch running cfw while connected to the internet (no, I'm not using 90DNS) for a few months and haven't been banned. (all I use cfw for is home menu themes and running homebrew like SRB2, using things like sysmodules may increase your ban risk, nobody's willing to test that)
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