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A) I don't like how you can randomly push some of the gargoyles around. If they're part of a set piece they should stay part of a set piece, it's not like you can move walls or platforms around, so why the gargoyles? Obviously the ones on the puzzle route are exempt from this.
Because gargoyles can be pushed, for whatever purpose you have in mind. This doesn't change for the trapgoyles, and in fact you have increased utility in doing so, for instance in the 'unique' room on the second path where you can knock off a line of them shooting down a platform before even going on if you're clever, to knock off the trapgoyle shooting at the Armageddon shield before grabbing that, or to get that ring box also in the 'unique' room on the second path. In race/full race, you can move the trapgoyles around as an offensive tactic to mess up other players... and of course, there's always the appeal of just dicking around with something that shoots fire. The moveability of most trapgoyles(the exceptions almost universally being those in wall compartments and diagonally shooting gargoyles because of some glitches that happened otherwise) just makes the gimmick more interesting and unique, IMO.

That said, if nothing except the puzzle gargoyles could be moved, the player would have zero reason to believe that the puzzle gargoyles were moveable, contributing to another problem with the stage you mentioned earlier, which is that it's easy to not notice that the puzzle path split exists at all.

Originally Posted by Neo Chaotikal View Post
D) Why do the flames hurt me when I have an Elemental Shield? I thought that was the whole point of the damn thing?
It's a mystery. :P

In all seriousness though, there's no way for me to put fire underwater; the projectiles use a fire graphic, but they're not technically fire. So I recolored the elemental shield so everyone could pretend that it was just a shield that let you breathe underwater and nothing else, and changed the animation to make it half-speed and reversed for extra measure. Even so, it seems I underestimated how easy it is to write off an unusual shield color as being the result of a colormap, even if you have a color(the purple walls, which are the same color as the shield) to compare it to. I'll have to keep this in mind for the next time I try something like that.
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