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What levels in SRB2 are 'just speed'? This is a platformer, not a racer.

Edit: Looking at your speedruns, it looks like the biggest issue with the bounce is needing to cancel it to shoot Super Sneakers.
What I mean by "just speed" is running forward, turning, and basic platforming. Essentially, if there was a long runway with no jumps, regular running Fang would be bouncing Fang.

If turns are involved, running Fang leaves bouncing Fang in the dust.

If just basic platforming is involved, running and standard jumps beat out bouncing.

However if there is an enemy it monitor to bounce off, the tail bounce is of course very important, such as the ACZ1 route.

If there is a path that tail bounce helps skip, then it is faster, such as how it's used in THZ1 and THZ2. But if you notice in those stages, it's better to go out of your way to use the spring bots and I'm THZ2 the wind shield just obsoletes the bounce all together.

The point I'm trying to make isn't that I think bounce is completely terrible. It's interesting to route around, but it's definitely slower to use it than to just run whenever you don't have to. The best example of this is GFZ1. At the start you can jump up the waterfall with a spring bounce, but it's faster to jump off the 10 ring monitor platform and get up the waterfall that way. I just wish bounce had more control in the air movement so when you want to chain bounces, it allows more adjusting I'm the air. This would help Fang not be so rigid and would entice consecutive bounces.
I speed run SRB2 with Knuckles and Fang.

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