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Funnily enough before you posted this, i've been trying out different modifications with Fang and I tried one that had the momentum lost removed from both bounce activation/deactivation and ironically, I found it more harder to control him that way and found him even more slower and difficult to play than without said mod added. I am playing with another modification that does nerf the momentum loss on bounce activation, but keeps the deactivation momentum loss, which is very useful and a good compromise. The momentum loss helps with repositioning yourself when exiting out of bounce. With that i've started to have a more clear indictation that momentum loss upon deactivating was not the issue and is actually benefical to the gameplay, it's just sitting on top of other gripes I have with him that made me feel that way. (heck, I play a lot of Knuckles and don't even find the crouch much of a crutch and a bit helpful in a similar fashion) I have mostly an issue over the lack of a way to descend faster (This makes the pace of bouncing very sluggish most of the time), the stiffer controls over movement can be annoying when you're bouncing at quick speeds which makes it difficult to move into another direction. But I think Fang mainly needs the option to use spin key to descend faster so he can reach ground far more quicker. For instance, if he were to bounce too high and end up falling too slowly to reach a platform, or if he's bouncing and is about to hit a wall above a ceiling, he could react in time by simply holding down spin to stop going up and drop down quicker, rather than needing to make a complete stop mid-air while you slowly fall and lose all the momentum you built up.

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