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Because it's simpler, more common and less confusing for new members if we just use 3.0 0.0 instead of 3 0 0.0. If someone decides to use 3 0 instead of 3.0, new members will probably be confused on which one to use.
No no, he means simply 3 0 instead of 3.0 0.0. So in the md2 dat it would say:
Sonic md2name.md2 3 0
Instead of
Sonic md2name.md2 3.0 0.0

But as sonicfan 20- I mean, Terrrrrra said, it's more simpler. You sorta get used to use decimals, even when there isn't a tenth or hundredth or whateverth place, when doing anything with models because of how much decimals are included.
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