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People said Aquatic Labyrinth Zone 2 was hard.... umm?
Geeze, back in my days we actually had HARD levels... :)

Next contest, guys, I promise you all that I will have two levels to make up for my absolute laziness with these contests and lack of ability to improvise when I run out of ideas; I need to find out how to churn out levels when I lack inspiration. I'd like you all to help me with that with some nice reminders... :p

I hate having design blocks. I seriously have like 10+ incomplete SP levels that I never touch again since I don't know what to DO with them.

Congrats to the winners. I'm sorry I haven't been participating with both competing and voting... time to start making some SRB2 v2 levels to make up for it!

Oh, and that poopy head BlueZero4 did NOT just say Conventional Lover was better than Alex Chilton; otherwise I'd claw his eyes out. ;)
Originally Posted by supa tails
Ok... Normaly, I would give a complement on something EVEN if it was TERRIBEL!!! And I hope I dont hurt your feelings or anything because I am not trying to be mean, but... THIS LEVEL IS TERRIBAL + !!!!!!!!
I sure wish my MB name was changed to Penopat...
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