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Act 3 FTW!!
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Okay, so all the division were small this time around. For now, I'm just concerned about the Match division, though, so here are my votes.


Eggmatchsion Zone by KOTE - 7/10
Reason for the 7 is cause it's a bit big, and the music was, um... I dunno, weird. Could've gone with a nice cavern or temple type music instead of a halloween type. Otherwise, it's quite balanced for its size; had some trouble finding the emeralds, though.

Magma Temple Zone, by blahblahbal - N/A
Anyway, as it is, the level needs something more than what it has. I dunno what. Explanation for the floating translucent FOF over the rising/lowering platform: that's to match the rest of the level. As for the spawning in lava part, I have no idea why it does that. There are no match spawn points in the lava. I also had some trouble with the emerald spawns; the emeralds kept spawning in EXACTLY the same spots.

Other votes later, if I feel like it.
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