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I don't know how I feel about the timer taking five whole seconds to restore your mad thokking prowess, since in a pinch a well-executed thok can save you from falling into a bottomless pit/move you out of the way of crushers, and being punished for thokking a little bit earlier is kind of annoying. A lot can actually happen during five seconds in this game...

Maybe if your mad thokking prowess slowly regenerates back up to it's default actionspd whenever it's not being spammed to death instead of resetting after a timer? Something similar to Jasper's stars where using it once wisely would barely punish you compared to actually spamming it over and over again. Then again, I guess a smart player would get used to when it would be okay to thok again to avoid being penalized and abuse it that way... hm.

also good on you for fighting the man

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