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Default Silver dot pee kay three is now out.

Hey I did say I would update it again if small fixes were needed, so to keep that promise....!

Meet Silver dot pk3! Changes include:
  • Silver is now a pk3, because they're the hip new thing apparently now.
  • Analog mode is now properly disabled when boosting. This feature was unintentionally left out since the Finale upate.
  • The slide will no longer treat stairs as slopes, since f_slope and c_slope exist now, or something!
  • Fixed a potential misuse of clientsided sprites that could have led to desynchs in occasions so rare you'd have more chances winning the lottery.
  • Fixed spinning chains using the fall sprite if Silver floated into them.
  • Fixed springs using the falling sprite if Silver slid into them.

Uh so that's it then, back to doing nothing productive I go!
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glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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