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I believe you're missing the point here.

The momentum loss associated with entering/exiting a bounce is minimized by...not entering/exiting bounces all the time. With the existing system, every chained bounce Fang performs is essentially momentum saved that would have otherwise been lost if Fang had left and reentered his bounce state. It rewards wrangling with the more difficult control scheme during a bounce. If there wasn't a momentum penalty for entering a bounce, Fang wouldn't have any reason to pull off these chains.

Momentum isn't 'cancelled', either. If it were, there wouldn't be much reason to get a running start before starting a bounce. One just takes a small loss when starting/stopping. Fang accelerates deliberately slowly while bouncing, so it's always best to do a running start before a bounce; something that wouldn't be worthwhile if the bounce 'cancelled' momentum.
I agree with you - what if you need to stop mid-air with Fang? It sometimes occurs when platforming, you miscalculate something and the only way to save is losing most of the momentum.
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