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I've been playing around with Fang for a bit in record attack and have noticed Fang feels quite sluggish compared to other characters. His ability could have lots of speedrunning potential with the way you can gain tons of speed in ways such as bouncing off of horizontal springs and slopes/half-pipes or earning extra height by bouncing onto lower ground. I'd like for this potential to be more of a focus in Fang's gameplay, I think it could be a really fun and unique way to clearly levels quickly and keeping up with the other characters in his own way, but the issues with the bounce comes from how it has restricted control over both horizontal and vertical movement (especially the horizontal movement), and having all momentum cancelled every time you start or cancel his ability. All because of these factors, you're just better off just running and jumping normally through levels more often than bouncing your way through level segments, and the bounce is very underutilized as a result. Usually you'll only find yourself using it to reach somewhere you couldn't with a normal jump.
Often times when I attempt to use the bounce when speedrunning a level, I find myself hitting a wall or missing a platform/object i'm trying to land on whether it because of Fang not having any control over his vertical height or it being difficult to turn in another direction while bouncing.
When under these circumstances, i'm often forced to slow down and go back to bouncing at crawling speeds.

Here's my input on what i'd like to see changed about Fang's ability.

I'd suggest removing the momentum cancel, let him have no restrictions on horizontal control so he can maneuver in the air much more effectively and in place of the forced momentum cancel, maybe implement a option to descend faster by pressing the spin key in the bounce state, similar to what Tails flight has.
I think this would allow him to reach land and having more control over how high or low you'd want to bounce in a much more quick and efficient manner and would allow you to avoid smacking into obstacles and getting under low ceilings without needing to stop all speed and control.

With these changes (might need some tweaks and adjustments) I think his ability would be more versatile, more fun to use and allow for more speedrunning options and tactics for Fang to keep up with the other characters.

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