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I haven't tried the new boss yet, but removing the tells for attacks shouldn't be the way to make a boss harder. Fair game design is about making sure the player understands why they got hurt/died and how they can improve. When someone makes a mistake, they should feel like it was their fault, not the game's.

Shovel Knight is probably the best example I can think of (at the moment) that has challenging bosses that don't hide what they're about to do. Specter Knight, one of the first bosses, has very well telegraphed attacks; so much so that it doesn't feel cheap when the arena goes dark. Yet I still know people who've gotten their ass kicked by him. Especially its New Game + mode; the increased difficulty's made me appreciate what's gone into the telegraphing in that game.

That turned into a little bit of an off-topic ramble, but the point is that making attacks less predictable isn't the only way to make something more challenging, as well as risks making something feel cheap unless handled very carefully
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