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WARNING: ...wads/downloaded/packs/scr_subarashii_v1.wad|LUA_L40C:139: accessed mobj_t doesn't exist anymore, please check 'valid' before using mobj_t.
Context might be slightly spoilery:

I was facing the true final boss as Knuckles through the secrets menu and died in the second phase. I think this error showed up around then, but I didn't notice until I scrolled through the console later. I had full control and visibility of my character during the credits roll, and I wasn't sent back to the title screen after it finished. I'm not sure what of that might be intentional, though, considering the nature of the pack.

As a bit of trivia, (if anyone cares since I don't remember whether I mentioned,) the song in my map is a bad mashup/remix/something of Far east nightbird and Emera. I would've just used a cut of the former if the mod music restriction wasn't in place or if I knew how poorly-enforced it would've been heh heh.

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The minesweeper is the death of me, as well as that Super Sonic shoot 'em up. I find myself having less than 25% hp when the boss comes up. Any tips?
For Minesweeper, . For Soniguri, I found just dodging from the left side of the screen and spamming dash laser shots was an okay way to keep my health up.
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Stop trying to make slopes, guys.

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