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Default MKSC Rainbow Road

I've encountered 3 bugs while trying to get a better time.
Here's Imgur album because I can't post all the gifs otherwise

First: (I've decided to put the whole lap, just to show that is almost identical to this one here)

Note that this is a legit lap, but some checkpoint was missing, resulting in a failed lap. As far as I noticed, it was on the bottom-right turn, as I jumped across a large portion of the track (almost missed it).


This one, I've probably got too fast to be in the "jump" area (because this never happened playing as Knuckles, but twice as Metal Sonic) or I drifted exactly to the edge and missed it. I don't know which one is, but both issues should be easy to solve.


Normal lap up until I try to jump across the last turn. Turns out I can't... Another failed lap. :c
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