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Custom values have been implemented.

If anyone of you knows a little bit about WC3 mapping you might also know the concept of custom values. Each object has its own custom variable that has no use by default. It can be manipulated in many ways and it has its own "A_Check..." function. One object is also able to change the custom value of another one, too.
There are multiple possibilities to use it. You could, for example, raise it step by step with each frame cycle run and perform a special action each 5 runs. This way you can reduce your ammount of used freestates.

I hope I got all buggs fixxed. If you encounter one let me know! ^^'

New action names:
A_CheckCustomValue, A_CheckCusValMemo, A_SetCustomValue, A_UseCusValMemo, A_RelayCustomValue

Take a look at the documentation page (first post) to find out more.

Edit: I encountered a minor bugg... I forgot two if-blocks so now everytime you manipulate the custom value it will be displayed, even if devmode is turned off. I'll fixx it later. Everything still works fine. It's just a little annoying. ^^'

Try soccing, it's fun! :>

Check out the wiki: or read the original one:

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