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Ok so, after not replying for literal years, I just wanted to say that as of this moment, this wad is discontinued. I don't have any interest of updating, or anything related to fixing it. Life has taken priority and with a lot of personal things going on, I just don't have time for SRB2 the same as I used to.

To reply to a few of you, yes I'm completely aware of the sounds being broken. See, when I remade this last time, I completely disregarded the split between srb2win, and srb2dd. Which as most know, some sounds completely got screwed up because of the changes that were made.

A lot of the bugs, like the quickstep not working while boosting, and the falling frames taking priority when they shouldn't be, as well as the lightdash bug was just me being crap at Lua at the time. If anyone here were to look at my scripts around that time, my Lua was honest garbage. It was unorganized, and really sloppy. Not that I've gotten better. (Again I stopped srb2 because of life things.)

as for Biielz's comment, yes it is an op Lua. SRB2 is meant to be a game that somewhat emulates the classic games and is inspired by that era. The stages aren't really designed with Modern Sonic in mind and I only made this script for fun.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I ruined anyone's day by anything I've said. It's just the way things are at the moment. If I find the motivation or the time someday, I might consider trying my hand at Lua again and giving this thing a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise, like I said, it's dead.
i think everyone can understand, you want to spend your life, not play single game for years, everyone makes your choices isn't?

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