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Your third problem is not understandable. Of course, the first dead end is on purpose, forcing you to turn around and keep looking. As the dead end is caused by a column that should be lowered to proceed. Then as you go down the snow slide, you should have come across another cave, which is actually connected to the column. It's the same as those bust-ice-to-lower blocks actually. I've kept the consistency on what you need to do for the gimmick. You've done it in the level before. So, it should have gave you the idea and became logic and obvious to bust the ice and that you have lowered the column. I don't see how this didn't make sense.
No no, I broke the ice and then went down to where the column opened up (at least I assumed that's where it opened up) and then couldn't find my way out of the room that it led to. I ran around the room several times and couldn't find away out. I finally thokked into a wall that I figured didn't belong and made it out. I don't altogether understand what happened there.

EDIT: Haha, wow. I think you should put some rings facing downward in that one tunnel. I replayed the level and figured out what happened. And here I thought I'd thokked through the wall through some glitch. Nope! There was a hole there that you can hardly see. I'd also consider doing something with the textures so the player can see it, but rings will probably suffice.
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