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Quite clearly he gave him a 1000/10, VX501. He just likes it THAT much that he feels it can go above and beyond the barriers made by the contest rules.

Anyways, might as well state my reasoning for this CTF map I made.

Rush job! I made it today after realizing there was about 7 hours left to submission. I understand it's not remarkable at all, but I feel like I did a passable job considering time constraints and me attempting to something purely original. And don't whine about the music.
Originally Posted by supa tails
Ok... Normaly, I would give a complement on something EVEN if it was TERRIBEL!!! And I hope I dont hurt your feelings or anything because I am not trying to be mean, but... THIS LEVEL IS TERRIBAL + !!!!!!!!
I sure wish my MB name was changed to Penopat...

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