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My map was never tested with other players. I never knew that teleports would C-Fail the game.
For the author rating his own level, I would give it a 6/10(ignore this rating)...If it worked properly. I gave it this rating for this reason: the level's sharp turns would be annoying. There was an over use of water-type hazards in the second part. In the last part there would be a possibility to miss the teleports that loops the track. The Detail was okay, but there was a lot of invisible FOFs to keep people from RPing in the city of the second part.
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Here are my level ratings:
Mill Citadel Zone
Rating 8/10
This level was large and empty in the first part, and in many other parts. There was a good thing placement, even though rings were lacking near the end of the map. There was some cheap deaths when it came to crushers and that pit after the first flour river. The gimmick of a mill map was very unique and I loved it.

Dusty Desert Zone
Rating 6/10
The level was open in many places, yet cramped in others. Things were abundant and turrets were very frequent enemy encounters. At the first circular quick sand falls area there was a very deep pit that I found unnecessary. Sector detail was good.

Beach Factory Zone
Rating 6/10
The level lags in some areas, like the the first "slope". I noticed that the SRB2CB exclusive 2d camera effect was apparent in some areas. The beach area was devoid of enemy type things and felt kind of lonely.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone
Rating 9/10
Opengl (in CB) mode showed the color map just fine :D. The level was roomy, and it did not feel empty. The things was well placed and the detail was great. The only vendetta type thing I saw was the massive graveyard near the beginning. Other than that it looked kind of like a cavernous mountain. The "hold spindash" part was a little confusing as the location of where the platforms came up was kind of random. The texture with the hole in the wood showed the sky through the bottom of the sector. The bouncy symbol method was interesting.

Aqua Caves Zone
Rating 5/10
There were some odd deaths in this level with pits with no prior warning and synchronized under water spiked crushers. The custom piranha enemy was kind of stupid;they did not attack me they mostly scrambled randomly in the water. The level was the right size and things were spread out properly. The place after the rising water room lacked direction, I actually ended up going backwards. Within the rising water area the water rose too fast.

Water Leaf
Rating N/A
This rating is because this level had been finished and released on the WadBase.

Darkvile Castle
Rating 7/10
The level was a good size. The rings were sparse and enemies frequent. There was okay platforming, but nothing out of the ordinary. The button hunt was confusing as the buttons made no real change until you got near the end of the level. Some of the places were very empty like the part you get teleported to.

Poloy Forest
Rating 4/10
Tails poison is Knuckles poison too? The painful normal looking water made no point. The thok barrier while intriguing, did not change this relatively poor map. This level lacked direction. I became lost in this map. Some of the alternate paths were kind of cramped. For the size and style of the level, I would not recommend Jetty-Syns.

Rating 6/10
The level was a good size. The ring:enemy ratio was good, yet the enemy type was bad. There was detons in hazardous or just plain random areas, Crawla Commanders were frequent but not annoying. The crushers were in random places.

Floating Islands Zone
Rating 8/10
This level was open and detailed. Enemy and ring type things seem to sparse in this area. Cheap deaths were almost non-existent because you did not put enemies near ledges. Near the end of the level you seemed to cram enemies. The dummy arrows were non intrusive yet obvious.

Frost Mountain Act 2
Rating 5/10
This level was not the worse, but not the best. It was cramped in some areas, but thing placement was appropriate. I did notice a random hole in a wall in this level. Rings were not deafed, but that did not detract from your score. A spring in one part of the level flung you over the other spring and landed you over a death pit.
Levels in progress:
Cascading aqueduct: 80%
Cosmic rift my first released map!
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