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Single Player reviews only, because I never get the chance to join netgames (because of timezone differences).

Beach Factory Zone 1 - 5/10

Well, the theme is original, but the gameplay was a bit generic. And I walked in a circle one time.

Water Leaf Zone - 9/10

I really liked this level. Good graphics, original bumpers, multiple paths. But the thing that I found best was the day/night shift. The music was awesome too. (Frog Forest FTW!)

Dusty Desert Zone - 6/10

This level looked pretty good, the sky was a nice touch. The music was pretty good too, but the enemy placement sucked sometimes (notably the part with the long blue spring jumps, where Buzzes await). And I don't really like levels with quicksand.

Frost Mountain Zone 2 - 5/10

One thing: the visuals were awesome. Alot of different textures, but they blended together well. But I REALLY hated the earlier mentioned yellow spring which bumps you into a death pit. And the level didn't really stand out with something original.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone - 10/10

Wow. Great visuals, alot of original gimmicks, good gameplay, not too easy but not too hard... This level is just perfect.

Floating Gardens Zone - 5/10

EXTREMELY average. Nothing original and a generic theme. It actually had a good length though.

Aqua Caves - 4/10

One thing: Lame difficulty. Where Death Egg Zone 2 was challenging, but not unfair (yes, I played it), this level WAS unfair. I wanted to get an air bubble, when I got bombarded by Skims and assaulted by those piranhas. I even got a Game Over. And underwater levels aren't really my cup of tea.

Poloy Forest Zone - 4/10

The thok barrier was really nice, but the level didn't look all that good in my opinion. The gameplay was generic too.

Darkvile Castle Zone - 6/10

The aesthetics were nice, the gameplay was not too bad, but I thought this level was a bit average. But I liked the water skip trick.

Mill Citadel Zone - 9/10

I enjoyed this level alot. Extremely brilliant and original theme, and I loved how the gimmicks fit in with the theme. I only got one emerald token, but that one was hidden brilliantly! Only gripe is that I walked in a circle one time (at the beginning).

Eggmansion Zone - 2/10

Graphic glitches. That really detracted your score, along with the extremely generic gameplay, which I got lost in. The Detons were really lame too, and you overused crushers. And the theme wasn't really 'mansion-like'.
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