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Ok, this is my first review here(well second, but the first contest review) and I haven't done too advanced levels, so I might not know if something is possible in srb2 or was made that way to avoid a bug or something like that.

Here are my WIP reviews:

Cloud Convoy

When I played this for the first time, I already thought that this would be high up, but I didn't think that it would get first(or maybe only close win), but it's a clear win for me.

So, let's start with all the things I liked, this new topdown styled camera angle was a nice idea. At first, I wasn't sure why this had it's own title screen or savefile, but later I started to like it and see why the savefile was needed, liked the intro which showed the player the basic controls and enemy names, very nice detail you did there.
The controls for sonic were good, but I had some trouble telling where I was on the foreground.
The enemies were a great addon, based on the turtle enemies of sonic 2 but with their own change, it was sometimes annoying to get hit by the flames of the green flying ones but that's how it works.
I liked the details a lot, how that ship opens up to release badniks or that robot in disguise, first I thought that was me thinking something, but then I saw the symbol and the emblem(I noticed the other emblems later), very nice detail you did there, but what is he doing on eggman's ships ? I guess he is a robot in disguise.
I didn't notice that I had the homing attack on my first run of this, I guess it's a nice addon which makes this 3d mode a bit easier to play.

I had some trouble with some of the platforms in the level, but that was because I didn't know where on the Z(It's z in other games but y in srb2 ?) axis sonic was.

The music was very nice for the level, a bit strange when I first heard the parts with the voice in it but it's a great track.

The boss was fun, but it had some problems. The music for it was ok, but not too fitting for a boss track. Why is he using a fire attack and bouncing/playing a strange sound after doing that down charge ? It's confusing and might make you think that you hit him. Sometimes eggman stops a bit after hitting him and sometimes he doesn't, which makes this a bit confusing.
I think the fire would've worked better for a lava level where you had a platform like the tornado and this would've looked a bit better if it was shock based ?

Now for the bad thing:
The Tornado can be glitchy, when I first played this level, I reached the checkpoint(and yes the tornado was following me) and the tornado then touched the platform(where the checkpoint is on) and randomly exploded, the same thing happened to the first ship in one run.
Why does the Tornado use the same sprite as in sonic 3 & Knuckles ? The problem with that is that it looks too small and the sprite is a side view, while sonic's sprites have a top down camera like angle. Didn't someone make a custom tornado sprite for this ? I think that would've worked better.
Why is sonic standing on top of the seat of the tornado ? I don't know how much is possible, but what if that part was moved down so sonic was inside the tornado ? Or even better, make a tails bot(doesn't need to do anything, maybe only look at sonic) which is inside the plane and let sonic stay on the tornado like in sonic 2, you are forced to play this level as sonic and don't have a character select, so that shouldn't create any trouble.

This level got surprisingly low votes, I know that it might be "too difficult" for some(then again, think about your first ERZ2 run) but it isn't that bad that it's last place. I would've voted it a bit higher if I didn't have to replay the stage over and over from the beginning.

Gravity Garden

A good level with a nice gimmick, it does have some "you played as sonic and failed, now do the complete part over" parts, but srb2 used to have that(or still has it at some points), so that isn't too much of a issue.


If I had to rate a level on what it did with lua, then this would be on #1.

The idea to create a megaman game in srb2 is nice and it was well done(the lua part), there are some graphical glitches, like megaman's feet moving when you shoot, the walking+blaster animation playing when you stay still or fall and some transparent pixels that aren't transparent, but nothing that couldn't be fixed in the next release. Megaman also uses the teal color for some reason instead of the cyan, which would look way better(and would allow you to change the complete color of megaman), but that's a bit nitpicky and has nothing to do with how I voted this.

Let's start with the level, quickman ? I don't know if it was a good idea to make someone who never played megaman fight a quickman remastered as first boss(I played the classic megaman games before, so it's no big deal for me, but players who know nothing about it are probably a bit confused). The stage is a good idea, but it lacks checkpoints, I had to replay the beginning of the stage a lot, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if it needs more checkpoints, but maybe less instakill traps ?
It was hard to see the instakill spikes on the roof and they looked more like a crystal tile. Some of the enemy placement was bad(mets near spikes) which made the level hard to play because it has the "spike glitch" from megaman 1, where you die to spikes even if you have invinciblity frames.
It's strange to see a crystal stage for quickman, but that's because it's based on a megaman hack. The level design was ok for the most point, but quickman's level should have more lasers and less spikes, at first I didn't think that srb2 would limit the lasers to vertical lasers, the use of it was ok but I was hoping more for a laser hallway where you have to run as fast as you can to not get hit or more laser parts like at the end. One amazing thing about the level is that it's built vertically, I don't know too much about creating levels in srb2, but from what I remember, it's a pain to set up a vertical levels with a lot of fofs.

Enemies were ok, but I think they should be more like in the classic megaman, where the crazy cannons have 2 set ranges and fire a bit slower and mets/metools which are destroyed by fast firing and don't shoot homing projectiles, why are the mets grey ?

Megaman was good to play, he does have a little bit of acceleration but that wasn't a big problem for me, charge shot takes a bit to start charging and I didn't know about it on my first few runs. The slide feels missing and it would be great if that was added. Some sounds were glitchy, like boss charging up energy, or the hit sound, the charge sound also didnt' loop but I guess that was changed for a reason.

The boss was ok, took me 3 tries to defeat it, again the hack's quickman design makes him different from the original and probably a bit more confusing for people who don't know about the hack and thought about the original one. I don't know why he teleports but his pattern was ok and his damage was reasonable, exept for his hit damage which is 1/3 of your health.

It's a nice idea and I want to see this continued with more abilties/levels and maybe in 16 bit and with more lives or easier levels because I had to use the setlife cheat so I had enough lives for the level.

Phantom Gadget

Nice idea(and spiral knights music, don't remember the level name), but it doesn't work too well, got hit multiple times from enemies which were unavoidable(remember the part where you move up at the beginning of a stage ? A spiny activated for some reason so I got hit by it while going up, or for example the robo tentacle/worm robots. The stage is a bit too dark, which makes it very difficult to know where you are going, that falling platform part is a good example of it, I know that there is a light room at the end of it but it isn't visible while platforming.

Koopa Garrison

Shadow Castle

Autumn Valley Zone

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