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Originally Posted by Zash
Don't twist things. You said "Can I work on it?" I said no. YOu asked me why, I gave you an explanation. Then you went all mad on me, and said you would try everything to get me permanetly banned from the entire SRB2 Community, then you said you would get me banned from every SRB2 Channel on accessirc... then you said you would get me banned from accessirc period. Don't say, "Oh, Zash didn't give it to me, we had a small fight" I NEVER SAID YES!!! I don't want to flame, but that is exactly what you said.
Well we're STILL waiting for you to show that this project wasn't one big pile of bull ****. It's been almost three weeks since we demanded proof at this point, however, you still haven't said a word.

You need to tell the truth, and back up that truth with facts. Until you do that, the entire community will continue to mock you, and eventually I will ban you for it if you don't give us facts.
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