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  1. Torgo

    [Open Assets] SRB1 Remake

    Nice work on porting the SRB1 remake over to 2.2! I haven't tried it in length, but this seems like it is a pretty faithful port. I do wish I could have made it better back in the day, like having bosses or having the enemies shoot at you. I didn't have a lot of knowledge on SOC editing at the...
  2. Torgo

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    Hello everyone again, it has been a long while since I last posted here. Seeing people get hurt by some of the things Mystic did or say is heartbreaking. I want to make mention of Digiku's post and say that if any person felt like they been abused by ...well anyone... to seek resources to help...
  3. Torgo

    Dave's Experimental Workshop

    This looks pretty nifty. I like that it seems to take some of the thematic elements, but make it your own thing. I do have a thread that has my SRB1 remake stuff in it and others that helped with my project (, but it seems like you are going a bit of a...
  4. Torgo

    "Some entries couldn't be converted, see console log for details."

    If you are just making sounds effects, WAV files are fine. I think in the past DOOM WAVs were the only file type that can be used for sound effects, but it might have changed. Usually sound effects aren't long enough that OGG would make a significant difference in file size. WAV files have a...
  5. Torgo

    SRB1 Remake assets public release.

    As you guys know, SRB1 Remake is long, boring and incomplete, so I originally rejoined the dev team to try to see if I can make it more fun. Having a full time job and just not much passion for making maps and learning things like slopes and lua, is making that less and less likely so I feel it...
  6. Torgo

    I just think it's kinda funny...

    I think part of the problem with SRB2 not running well on newer computers is that SRB2 doesn't really support multicore processing that well. Also with directdraw being unsupported in Windows 10 that is another part that makes it so that older Windows operating systems tend to have better luck...
  7. Torgo

    What song makes you feel really strange?

    Skullmonkeys - Little Bonus Room - This tune is featured in the platformer sequel to The Neverhood. It is kinda creepy, but mostly hilarious. If you like earthworm jim games, the creator Doug tennapel worked on this game, so it has a very Earthworm Jim feel to it.
  8. Torgo

    What was your FIRST Sonic game?

    How the did you manage to get into sonic games after playing that? @_@ My first video game I played at home was the original Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega genesis. I think I had chicken pox at the time and afterward got the game. I also apparently was really good at it even though I was like 5...
  9. Torgo


    Kinda interesting that they put some of the SRB1 remake in there, since it probably won't be next versions. Also it kinda looks like adobe flash in some areas like the meteor falling and sonic's running animation, but overall it is pretty cool and well done. If we were to put something like full...
  10. Torgo

    can't make custom Addon or Wad here

    I think you need to put the wad as a zip file before you upload it to the forum. If you don't know how you right click the wad file, select Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder and then rename it to the same as your wad name (if it isn't already the same name as your wad file)...
  11. Torgo

    Best Sonic Fangame you have ever played?

    I am not going to say SRB2 because obvious is obvious. Maybe the topic title should say favorite sonic fangame that is NOT SRB2. Spark the Electric Jester. I am cheating a bit here, this is more of a game that kind of combines the gameplay Kirby and Sonic. Right now it is only a demo, and it...
  12. Torgo

    [Open Assets] RYB Based Transmaps

    I don't know if that RYB chart is really that accurate. Printer ink uses CMYK, so I would figure that would be closer to actual primary colors. Though I think some printers use more than the typical cmyk to produce more colors, but those are high end ones. Also I don't believe that RGB and...
  13. Torgo

    Do not know how to use Zone Builder

    Well I just noticed that on the SRB2 wiki that it doesn't really show pictures of how to point the configuration to srb2.srb, so I might just have to fix that. In the mean time, I can try to explain. First you want to go into tools and then game configurations (see image below). Once you...
  14. Torgo

    [Open Assets] RYB Based Transmaps

    If you look at a rgb color mixing table (how different colors mix using light as opposed to something like your color printer) it makes more sense that blue water would make an object that is yellow into gray.
  15. Torgo

    [Open Assets] RYB Based Transmaps

    Is this like additive color mixing? Kinda like how a printer mixes colors as opposed to a monitor? If so, how did you do that? Inverse the transmap or something?
  16. Torgo

    2.2 Slope Hype

    Regarding the camera thing being further back, I think it would be a lot easier for the camera to get stuck behind walls if it was back farther. Also maybe the mouse turning would be a bit funky, but maybe it can be playtested to see if either of those would be an issue.
  17. Torgo

    Sprite creation

    Yeah, you should have specified map editor for the google search haha. Anyway here you go. SLADE is mostly used for sprites and scripts in the SRB2 world, but it can be used for a map editor. For a map editor specifically for SRB2 check out Zone builder. Zone Builder...
  18. Torgo

    Nintendo Switch

    When I saw the topic title, I thought that Nintendo has gone into networking switches.
  19. Torgo

    How long have you stuck around these forums?

    I was lurking probably since the early versions of mystic realm, I think it was mystic way at the time. I joined about the same time as 1.09.4 with my crappy SRB1 to SRB2 mod. Rob is part of the reason that it got to be a full blown conversion so blame him :P. Though to be fair, other people at...
  20. Torgo

    Tails CD

    You *can* but I don't think srb2 would load because it is hardcoded to take the original player.dta.