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As you guys know, SRB1 Remake is long, boring and incomplete, so I originally rejoined the dev team to try to see if I can make it more fun. Having a full time job and just not much passion for making maps and learning things like slopes and lua, is making that less and less likely so I feel it is time to release everything I worked on for SRB1 remake to the public.

Generally, I wanted to make SRB1 Remake polished, but still have some of the ridiculousness that makes the original SRB so um...unique? That is why I had people (CZ64 and JEV3 mostly) basically add better shading to the original designs of the enemies in the first place. Hopefully that vision can be still realized, and have enemies actually do something @_@.

One of the main issues with SRB1 Remake is that it is long with not much variety. My plan was to boil down SRB1 Remake to 5 or 6 one act zones so that it can still have the essence of SRB, while being less of a chore to play through as a secret of the game. The level line up would probably be Knothole base zone (the first zone in the game), Great forest zone (Possibly to borrow themes from DKC's Tree Top Town Zone), Lake zone, Volcano Zone or Void zone, One of the many robot themed ones (possibly change it to be a construction zone for the egg base or something), and Space chase zone that leads to the final boss.

Speaking of final bosses, the original final boss was terrible. I was going to make it (or more accurately have someone else make it) more like a space chase boss, or do something wacky like fight the original SRB1 sonic (but there was a fan game that already did that soooo probably not)

I will release all the assets I have personally created and any of the SRB1 Remake assets that are currently in the game. For any of the artwork I have personally created, I give full permission to use and edit in any SRB2 related project. The unreleased art made by JEV3 can also be reused for the same . The only limit is that since some of the designs are loosely based off of Sonniku's "designs", and some enemies like the crawla are actually still used in game, I don't know if can give more permission for what you can use the "art" I have created. Some of these are screenshots of the original game, so I don't own any of that.

Without further adu, the previously unreleased remade sprites by me.
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Here is the SRB1 literal crawla I was working on the is included in the Torgo-remake sprites-new

The previously unreleased sprites by JEV3
View attachment JEV3 remake sprites

Here is a preview of one of awesome sprites JEV3

Videos I captured for boss patterns and cut scenes if you plan to use them, they are a riot. Use 7zip to unzip these, it is a free open source program.
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The sprite rips from the original Sonic Robo Blast.
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The screen captures I used to actually make the SRB1 remake.
View attachment srb1 level

The midis from the original game and the redone knothole base ogg that is currently in the game.
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The remade sprites that are in SRB2 2.1.x. Some of these are not my creations, but they are currently public. These have the same usage permissions as any asset from SRB2 2.1.
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These are mostly textures that are in SRB2 2.1.x, but also includes a couple title screen attempts by myself. Some of the other textures are not mine, but are currently public. The public ones have the same usage permissions as any asset from SRB2 2.1.
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