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  1. Gomero_Z

    Team (Insert Team Name Here)!

    Hey guys! Gomero's Here, just wanted to say some things about the mod and other things, the mod of Sebas, The Human, my other mod is going well... But... Im starting to see to some Character Mod Teams, i played the mods, and is actually AWESOME, so i was thinkin... "Hey, what if you MAKE...
  2. Gomero_Z

    SRB2 Cursed Images

  3. Gomero_Z

    Attempting to create a custom ability and need some help

    A good effort in my opinion, you do something than i cannot, that's why im so suprised, because not everyone can domain that.
  4. Gomero_Z

    Ness in Sonic Robo Blast 2! (Work in progress)

    The way like he moves is very TerminalMontager... I love it.
  5. Gomero_Z


    Is actually good, but remember the Green coloured spaces for recoloured.
  6. Gomero_Z

    Sebas, The Human. ( My oc and very first mod! )

    ¡Feliz jueves santo, amigos mios! Here's Gomero, the little project is going good, i mean, there's already a little sprites made it, so i considered this like an GREAT Advance on the mod, and well yes is it, if you wanna see how is going, you can see the gif, really easy. Goodbye, and Happy...