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    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

    None of the textboxes for the murals work anymore. Normally they would give info on the image. This is especially bad because that means a few of the hints don't work either. (Edit, Im stupid. Takis was for some reason interfering with the mod.)
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    2.2 Crash Reports (SIGSEGVs, etc)

    My game has been crashing a lot lately, Even without mods. No error message appears, And no log or RPT is created. It just freezes and closes.
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    P_SKIN Not affecting hiresscale

    As a test, I was trying to use a P_SKIN on a character with "high-res" sprites. For some reason, hiresscale is doing literally nothing. The wiki states that "availability" is the only thing P_SKIN doesn't work on, So I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.
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    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    Why do the bullets not line up with the crosshair? It keeps messing me up, And I don't use lock on that often because I feel it's cheating.
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    N64 Mario

    Tried playing the OLDC with this character (2023 Round 1). The game hard crashed as soon as I took a step. Might be invalid footstep sounds or something.
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    What is the weirdest thing you played Srb2 on

    A Five year old Samsung tablet that runs about as fast as a clogged toilet.
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    What's your least favourite level(s)?

    Most of the post-game content. Haunted Heights and Frozen Hillslide are the only stand out ones. The other are not bad, But considering they weren't updated for 2.2, Their level design is a bit bland and archaic. The challenge levels suffer the most from this, With Aerial Garden and it's spam of...
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    Skincolor reads too far and causes parts I don't want to change color to do it anyway

    Good thing there are multiple colors that aren't in my character's color palette.
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    Skincolor reads too far and causes parts I don't want to change color to do it anyway

    Was reworking a character mod I was making, And started to replace the sprites with the new ones. I couldn't use green for the part I wanted to change color, Because the clothes were already green. I used startcolor 73, Which is bright yellow (the color I was looking for). However, Because of...
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    S3 Sonic

    These are some really good sprites! The shield abilities took some getting used to, But it's cool. The only problem I have is that his custom music tracks have no MIDI alternative. It's really jarring to be using a Genesis soundfont and hit an invincibility box, Only for the music to cut out...
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    As of playing the new update, I feel like PAC-MAN should have a little bit less control in the air while Butt-Bouncing. As somebody who's played all 3 World games, He just feels a bit too responsive.
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    Title screen becomes red

    That's a feature within Takis. Wait too long and the screen turns red. I recommend you wait no longer than that.
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    This mod is absolutely bonkers. I literally can't even express my feelings about it without treading into spoiler territory. The only problem I have is I got softlocked in the infamous Deep Sea 2 spindash section. Both Ina and Aether can't get past this area, To my knowledge.
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    [Open Assets] PK3 File Template!

    Doesn't SLADE3 have a way to make PK3s already? You just create a new zip archive, Put the stuff in there formatted in named folders saying what type is in there (SOC, Music, Sounds, Sprites, Etc), And save as PK3.
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    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters

    Tails Doll is bugged in the newest version. His limbs float far in front of him when he moves.
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    The True Arena! (BOSS RUSH)

    The Egg E-Bomber does not appear. In it's place a single player object appears, And I end up softlocked.
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    MugenHunter Nack

    Ok. WHAT did Sinny do to get banned? This is somehow completely new to me.
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    Nah, I don't like Pepsi. I prefer Dr. Pepper.
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    "There Is A Problem Connecting To The Master Server"

    Just found this. I'm having the same problem on a brand new Windows 11. Yes, I changed the HTTPS to HTTP and the same thing happens.
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    Master Server not showing up

    Was gonna play MP for the first time in a while, But the MS says there are no servers open, Even though there is on the MS website. How do i fix this?