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  1. Grayvy Guy

    Ashura the Hedgehog (Sonic Boll) - Development Thread

    I dunno if I'm assuming the intention here but I think the thing that they're going for with Ashura is that he's a "glitched" Sonic with where the characters origins even stem from along with the other origin of the character base being influenced by a seperate Sonic fan game where said...
  2. Grayvy Guy

    Peaking interest for Oceanic/SEA members

    So mainly bringing this up as someone from Australia. It's generally frustrating to me that this is a game that I love so much and yet there's barely any servers that are below 200+ ping meaning a lot of my experiences with match/ctf/tag/battle/etc are usually pretty janky. I was thinking...
  3. Grayvy Guy

    A Grayvy Vote Thread for OLDC '21 R2

    Only played SP levels since it's hard for me to really get any MP match/ctf/battle game going from my location. 1. Nimbus Lake Zone by Yyeellooww7 Really like how straightforward this map is, not too intrusive with too many gimmicks and I like how it carries the aesthetic throughout! Not too...
  4. Grayvy Guy

    Henry Fail Messages

    Drowns in goo - "Caution: Goo does not have any additional oxygen if one decides to bathe under too long... Well fancy that." Buzz (Gold) - "This fly seems really interested in you!" Buzz (Red) - "Man, Buzz's are really scary when you see them up close!" RoboFish - "How stupid do you have to be...
  5. Grayvy Guy

    Thoughts on a new Sonic fighting game in the future?

    I'd be down whether it be something like an anime fighter or even say another shot at something like Sonic the Fighters also. I say that since that game has (and still does have) a small scene going with online tourneys becoming a little more common. Though it'd be hard to say if a StF 2 would...
  6. Grayvy Guy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    Kinda wish there were more ways to alter the key bindings in the character settings themselves rather than having to mull over the one I have set for SRB2, but honestly this is pretty packed all things considered.
  7. Grayvy Guy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    Recalling on how I worded my last two posts on here. I didn't actually consider that kinda thing myself... Especially as someone who's also pretty squeemish to gore-y things also.
  8. Grayvy Guy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    I was more-so referring to an audience younger than teenagers but that is understandable. I'm not your or any other kids parent so what happens, happens. I only say that as someone who does keep watch of the wellbeing of kids as one part of my job as well as just the fact there are much younger...
  9. Grayvy Guy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    Okay I think I see why this was immediately called for deletion. I mean I'll give credit from that description, seems like they went above the call for detail but that also seems pretty above the kind of thing SRB2 is especially on the main domain for mods and addons. So what if I told you that...
  10. Grayvy Guy

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    So... Has this mod been removed cause someone drew decapitation or some sort of Mortal Kombat-esque super move/finisher violence?
  11. Grayvy Guy

    Maimy, the Rosy Robot

    Did a playthrough with the character recently, really love how she combines the straight forward nature of Amy with some of Metal's shenanigans. CEZ3 did give me trouble though thank goodness there was forethought into her jump attack that also let her curl for a brief bit (even if it's tricky...
  12. Grayvy Guy

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Man everything about this really does Shadow a lot of justice.
  13. Grayvy Guy

    [Open Assets] [M A R I A] - It's Your Move... I've Made Up My Mind...

    Kinda wish the Maria part of this character animated a bit more (I know she's a statue though I still standby this :P) but I do dig the vapourwave aesthetics of this character.
  14. Grayvy Guy

    The CyberDime Realm (Virtual Simplicity)

    So I've been going for all the emblems in the level pack which btw really love how this has changed since release. But why does it say Pandora's Box unlocks at 71 emblems when there's only 65 in the entire pack?
  15. Grayvy Guy

    [Open Assets] Nero Cladius, HASHIRE SORI YO (cl_padoru.wad)

    As a great man once said. (Relax it's a youtube link).
  16. Grayvy Guy

    [v5.2] The Mystic Realm

    Huge pity that this will never be finished and I honestly believed that this was going to carry over the original incredibly well. Ahh well. Hopefully what's here can be injected into something better without much bad will carried on it.
  17. Grayvy Guy

    Kanade Tachibana [1.1]

    Man I remember watching Angel Beats with a good friend and sobbed like heck at the end of it. Kanade's definitely one of my fav characters from that and honestly she's super fun to play as here.
  18. Grayvy Guy

    [Open Assets] Finally, Anime in SRB2

    This is unstable yet so powerful. I load it in and SRB2 just explodes.
  19. Grayvy Guy

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    Well this is... Honestly very shocking to see all this. I mean seeing Mystic from a distance I could definitely see he was a pretty hard boiler and even see more of his petty side with things like his insistence on things in SRB2 or even the SMS release, but I have to wonder how all this sort...
  20. Grayvy Guy

    Amy Rose Discussion

    How does Amy feel in terms of controls? I think she's pretty smooth considering the general controls of the game. Her having a higher jump and the shenanigans involving the hammer like spike breaking and higher spring bounces are pretty fun to mess around with and on some occasions, breaking...