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    hot damn i gotta remember to play this sometime, this looks gr8
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    the lag is real

    do you play with a controller, or keyboard?
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    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    this, more than any other sonic game at the moment. no one asked for a Colors port because Dolphin support was already good enough to play the game on PC. Unleashed does not have the same luxury, what with how much harder 360 & PS3 emulation is
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    Contest Discussion

    just a little something for fun
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    Willo The Cat

    willo is awesome and anyone saying hes not good becuz "overpowered" are just being stupid don't @ me
  6. Gambit

    FMSRB2 - The Sega Genesis Cover Soundtrack [Work In Progress]

    admittedly progress to the next update has been kinda slow, but i'm workin on it little by little, wherever i remember to
  7. Gambit

    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    Literally same here. I got into it because of friends of mine who I discovered were also long-time SRB2 fans and they introduced me to 2.2 when it came out. Naturally, I eventually ended up getting into mapping (sort of) once they showed me how to use ZB. Though, at the same time as I wish I...
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    Well I was mainly saying that in comparison to the dev tools used in modern gaming. And believe me i'm well aware, just judging by the UI's alone for those programs... XD Actually, I wanna ask you something about Multiplayer, now that you bring that up. To me, as someone whose only...
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    i dont really see why this is a problem. especially in this day and age. the same thing could be said of playing any modern PC game.
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    I've been wanting to explore what people in the community's motivations are for why you want to create custom maps for SRB2. I've personally been finding it rather difficult to find lately, so I want to see what it is that drives others here. What motivates you to open Zone Builder? To put up...
  11. Gambit

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1

    i.e. as i grow older having gradually less and less interest in playing new games and binging new sonic soundtracks so i end up forgetting a lot of them
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    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1

    i realized this some time later after someone told me; i completely failed to recognize it 😭 am boomer
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    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1

    doesnt work during the clear sequence
  14. Gambit

    Gambit's Summer 2021 OLDC Voting Ballot

    generated by the voting sorter, though I decided to swap the placing of some things after the voting sorter 1. Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious 2. Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet 3. Abyss Caverns Zone by yyeellooww7 4. Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone 5. Bombastic Beach Zone by...
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    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1

    Okay so I originally had up a WIP draft of my feedback in this reply thread, but I forgot to save the draft before I updated my PC the other night. I only went thru 4 and a half of the levels so far in the contest before I took a break, so i'm gonna try to come back to this but write far less...
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    Contest Discussion

    So, in future OLDC pack releases, can we please have Sound Test unlocked so that mappers can optionally credit their level music using a MUSICDEF file? I know 9 times out of 10 nobody uses it, but that could change as I intend/would like to update the Sound and Music Tutorial page on the srb2...
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    Ellie the Sparklet

    characters in Kamen Rider have long scarfs so i think that's all he's referring to
  18. Gambit

    Ellie the Sparklet

    I think she's just lovely. But I gotta be honest: I think Sparks being a spin character is more of a detriment to her moveset then it is a plus. When you're trying to attack enemies by twirling downward into them, your forward momentum often sends you into Spin when you touch the ground, which...
  19. Gambit

    Bean the Dynamite

    I've found a visual bug with Bean's idle anim routine which results from having the AngleStand mod loaded at the same time as Bean. The little bomb object doesn't spawn. Now, while I know that asking for compatibility with other mods is often an unreasonable request, the thing is, I have a...
  20. Gambit

    [Open Assets] Character-specific jingles template

    Hey there. I'm tryna make a mod using this method as a basis, but it just doesn't work for me like it does for you. Could you maybe take a look at it and help me figure out what I need to do to make it work right? This script doesn't produce any errors; it just doesn't do anything. Thanks in...