Gambit's Summer 2021 OLDC Voting Ballot


generated by the voting sorter, though I decided to swap the placing of some things after the voting sorter

1. Hollow Hill Zone by Othius, Inazuma & Spectorious
2. Mercury Mine Zone by Rexeljet
3. Abyss Caverns Zone by yyeellooww7
4. Teal Tundra Zone by SunCyclone
5. Bombastic Beach Zone by Shapeshifter Boi
6. Falcon Emissary Zone by InferNOr
7. Koopa Kastle Zone by Glaber
8. Ante-Station Zone by Twins'R'Okay
9. Lava Temple by Vixuzen
10. Fort Sunset Zone by DylanDude
11. Zaxel's Thunder Yard by Zaxel
12. Ridge Rapids Zone by particle
13. Drenched Dam Zone by Voidy2246
14. Blizzard Bastion Zone by PhilJFou
15. Music Mash Zone by WasifBoomz
16. Emerald Glade Zone by DoodlesYT
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