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  1. sanick#9710

    An old HTML manual

    Cool I found another old thing:
  2. sanick#9710

    An old HTML manual

    I never knew that this site existed before.
  3. sanick#9710

    SRB2 Chromebook Problems

    I'm using the flathub version of srb2 and I don't know why but every time I move my mouse cursor at the edges of the screen it just stops moving the camera. Does anyone know how to fix this other than using the arrow keys to move the camera?
  4. sanick#9710

    Why does the Sonic 3 title screen say Sonic 3 Sonic the Hedgehog?

    I've always wondered that
  5. sanick#9710

    What's your favorite SRB2MB style?

    Mine’s Greenflower Zone
  6. sanick#9710

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    Wow that's a lot of new stuff. nice
  7. sanick#9710

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    I'm surprised too
  8. sanick#9710

    Cd's Mixed Models

    These models are really good! I wonder how long it took you to make them.
  9. sanick#9710

    Disabling Super Music

    Is there a way to disable the super music?
  10. sanick#9710

    [Open Assets] Sukapon 2.1

    Huh Interesting
  11. sanick#9710

    What’s your favorite video game?

    Sonic,Mario,or anything else.
  12. sanick#9710

    SRB2 Kart Won't connect to the master server

    When I boot up the game & try to get to the server browser it says that there was a problem connecting to the master server.
  13. sanick#9710

    [Open Assets] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    ah yes sonic.executable
  14. sanick#9710

    [Open Assets] Mega Mushroom

    me me big boy
  15. sanick#9710

    How to add pictures to here

    I know that you can use a URL but is there a way that you can add a picture from your computer hard drive instead?
  16. sanick#9710

    [Open Assets] Super Run V3.0 - The Battery update

    There's a glitch where sometimes when I go into the command line the game crashes. EDIT: Actually, sometimes the game crashes any time it wants to.
  17. sanick#9710

    How to download SRB2 Destructive Illusion

    So I went to the download page for SRB2 Destructive Illusion and when I went there I saw the message: sanick#9710, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1.Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you...