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SteelT 12-20-2018 03:15 AM

Linedef Executor - Award Rings
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You know, I'm surprised this isn't already a thing in SRB2, and I'm even more surprised no one have ever thought of making something like this, given how long 2.1 has been out for now. This script is the solution to the problem! Custom executor to award rings to the player. A test map is included too.

Set-up instructions:
  • Add the Lua script into a wad for your level, with a lump name like LUA_MAIN, LUA_FUN or LUA_LOL, doesn't matter at all except for the "LUA_" bit.
  • Set up a linedef executor involving linedef type 443 - this should have a front upper texture of name "AWDRINGS".
  • Front x texture offset of the linedef determine how many rings should the player get. Anything in negatives removes that exact amount from the player.
  • Front y texture offset of the linedef determine the delay(in seconds), before giving or removing rings again.

Prime 2.0 01-15-2019 06:04 PM

Sorry for the delay. Welcome to Releases!

sadcrowprince 01-19-2019 03:47 AM

Thank you SO much for this!!

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