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SSG3 07-19-2016 04:29 PM

Mega Mushroom (And WIP Mega Battles)
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The stomp code originated from the makers of SA2-Sonic.wad. All credits go to them, especially Hitcoder.

So, uh... first off, i've done some Testing to make sure everything is in check with this mod in team gamemodes and the actual object itself, and it checks out fine, so...

Yes, that's the main object here. It's exactly the same as my Red Star in how it needs to be spawned, but it's not just a moving object that bounces off of walls and other solid objects that's the attraction here, despite making you mega for a while and using the same "run-out" sequence as the Red Star, it allows you to play on a new modified game mode I'd like to call...

Yes, Mega Battles is deactivated by default, so use the following to (de)activate it:

AllowTeamMega (Yes(1)/No(0)), turn on or off Mega Battles
The game works as follows, one team at random will be "Permanently Mega" and will contain a purple aura emanating from them, just like Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash when you're up against Mega Bowser/Mega Dry Bowser in the Knockout Challenge Mode. Even though the team is permanently mega, they can still be hurt, unlike normally mega players. All mega players can trample over non-mega players on the opposing team (everyone when in a non-team game, except for those in God mode. If you want me to change it to check for friendly fire, i'll do so to prevent abuse) apart from those who are in god mode, have invincibility or in super form.
Modes this affects:
Team Match
CTF (Capture The Flag, for them noobs out there)

Other things to note:
Once mega, players cannot be hurt by any of eggman's robots [basically, all npc enemies and bosses] (apart from those who are "permanently mega") and the robot/boss will be damaged upon contact, but Brak Eggman can't be damaged until his electric barrier is down. Monitors will also be destroyed upon contact, including those whose hitbox barely touches the top of a FOF (the invincibility monitor below the bridge at the start of GreenFlower Zone Act 1 is a perfect demonstration for this). However, the player cannot break any FOFs without trouble, since they still behave normally to the player.

Paper Mario/Paper Luigi say one of their two shouts when they turn mega from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Paper Mario, once mega, will temporarily lose the ability to shrink (this might be buggy, though), but is still able to use the rest of his abilities.

Known Bugs:
Apparently Paper Mario, once his shrink meter replenishes, instantly increases his size to match the size of the mega player.
Brak Eggman (Playable) is incompatible with this, since he decreases size to match the size of a mega player and decreases further once the power runs out to match the size of a normal player.

As Prime 2.0 found out for me, when playing in singleplayer mode, the music does not change back to mega mushroom theme when a powerup's music runs out. However, if any major bugs are found after release, this will be fixed. If this does get fixed, you won't be able to change the music whilst mega. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I may want to also point out that the mega mushroom music gets replaced with the court theme when a side scores a point and you return to the action in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, so it may not be likely that this will be fixed anytime soon.

One of the spawn points for each team in Lime Forest Zone causes the player to get stuck when permanently mega. This can be worked around with terminal and/or admintools so the player can kill themselves and respawn.

All music and sfx are copyright to Nintendo. Sprites of the front-facing mega mushroom are copyright to the SMBX Team, and mega mushroom's rotation sprites Credit to Super Tails

If the attachment below doesn't download correctly (attachment.php can be changed to "Mega" and it'll work just fine, or just open it with 7-zip), you can get the download at this tinyurl.
If tinyurl is blocked in your region, use this direct link to dropbox instead.


There are some unused tidbits that can be found in this mod, most of which have been commented out. There is also one unused music lying around which is associated with the unused content found in LUA_MEGA. Feel free to experiment with this, but any bugs that come out in the experiment are not my responsibility. The unused music, however, can be accesed in-game by typing "tunes permbg" in the console or by finding the lump O_PERMBG in your preferred wad editor (Most of which use SLADE)

Also, to note, this only works in 2.1.15 and above. 2.1.14 is no longer supported. Any complaints about it not working in 2.1.14 will be ignored. Thank you for reading these notes, and I, once again, hope that you enjoy the mod.

Boinciel 09-09-2016 03:24 AM

Welcome to Releases! Sorry this took so long!

SSG3 09-10-2016 11:16 PM

No Worries. As long as it's finally out. Now I can carry on with other things.

Kiylo 09-23-2016 10:57 PM

i love this wad already

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