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    Why do you like SRB2?

    In historical order: free 3D Sonic game on my potato computer, liminal spaces and game jank (ty 2.0 for getting me hooked on those two things specifically), mods, 2.1 update, more mods, 2.2 update, even more mods. I ate it all up, I still do. My interest in the game over the last 7/8 years has...
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    2.3 Discussion

    It'd be a miracle surgery that lasted hundreds and hundreds of hours You're right abt the mod, and I'm actually enjoying it a lot, but many of parts of the game w the uncapped build still run at 35fps, like moving blocks, doors, or platforms. It's a compromised solution that doesn't necessarily...
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    SRB2 Uncapped

    Not gonna stop using this build for a long time, thank you for this!
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    2.3 Discussion

    I understand this is an overwhelming and unrealistic task, but uncapped framerate and high res/ultrawide support is a dream of mine. I definitely feel a bit bad asking for even more QoL retooling after everything the team did for 2.2 lol
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    What's your favorite candy bar? (M&M's Hersey Kisse's and Reese's are allowed)

    My gas station was selling a limited run of lime flavored Kit Kats a month or two ago. They were amazing, sadly I don't think they're coming back, at least not here. If you get a chance to try them out, I recommend them
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    That GFZ demix feels good in 2021
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    What's Your Perfect Sonic Game?

    Describe what would make the next Sonic game a 10/10 for you. I'll start. Since Mania already exists, I want a Moden Sonic game that plays exactly like Unleashed and has the same good level design. No gimmicks. (This includes wisps, Classic Sonic, parkour, werehog, Avatar stages, etc.) Other...
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    Mass Unnasign Command?

    Related to this thread. I plan to have a custom keybind in my autoexec.cfg that cycles through multiple control schemes. Is there a command that unnasigns all of the controls, or do I have to bind all controls individually to Key0 in my script before binding them to the controls next in the cycle?
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    Commmands And Multiplayer

    Related to this thread. Heres a small example of whats in my unfinished autoexec.cfg: bind k DefaultControls alias DefaultControls "CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Defualt Controls; soundtest 0; soundtest 56;" When in a netgame, if I press K with that in my autoexec.cfg, will others see the CECHO and...
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    [Reusable] Aiming Reticle for third person

    Thank you so much for this. May I suggest an optional skin for the reticle so that it's a certain pattern or color no matter what your playercolor is? Maybe a custom console command to do that. It can be hard playing a red character in a lava themed level with the reticle (I know you could just...
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    CPU Core Count Curiosity

    How many CPU cores and threads does SRB2 utilize for software mode? For OGL? Thanks
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    Geyser Gush Zone

    I love this map just as much as the others. The textures (combination of checkered and plain grass especially) blew me away, and the music fit well enough. Mechanics were fun, level design was open yet fun and rarely feeling empty. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the hidden emblems...
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    An extreme autoexec.cfg undertaking

    After recently learning the camera's height and distance could be changed, I found new ways to play SRB2. Since then I've got my own, simple, autoexec.cfg up and running just fine. It sets custom camera options not available in the game's settings menu, enters a netgame with a golden knuckles...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Official Trailer! I'm getting a vibe kinda different from traditional Zelda in what the trailer showcased, but it doesn't feel bad at all. There seems to be a ton of emphasis on the environment. I'm stoked!