What's Your Perfect Sonic Game?


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Describe what would make the next Sonic game a 10/10 for you. I'll start.

Since Mania already exists, I want a Moden Sonic game that plays exactly like Unleashed and has the same good level design. No gimmicks. (This includes wisps, Classic Sonic, parkour, werehog, Avatar stages, etc.) Other requirements include an unlockable Super form, the Chao Garden, good writing, and no recycling levels from past games. Looking at you, Green Hill.


No gimmicks.
Chao Garden
You're contradicting yourself.

In all seriousness, I still just want a new classic Sonic game. I still haven't played Mania due to my personal vendetta against DRM, but while I'm sure I'll probably like it, what I really want is a NEW game, not a giant pile of references to the old ones. Sonic 3 didn't spend most of the game gushing about how good Sonic 2 was.


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Basically what Mystic said -- new classic Sonic made by the same devs, just with more original themes instead of remixed zones. Sonic Mania is still a solid game, mind, but I feel like the "let's remix old zones again" idea was just Iizuka shoehorning stupid bullshit into the plot as part of his evil corporate master plan.

Also a 3D classic Sonic would be nice. So long as Sonic Team and Dimps aren't allowed to touch it.
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Sonic Mania is still a solid game, mind, but I feel like the "let's remix old zones again" idea was just Iizuka shoehorning stupid bullshit into the plot as part of his evil corporate master plan.
Partially true. Sonic Mania was originally just the Sonic 1 + 2 remasters bundled with a couple of new levels, but when shown to Iizuka, he loved it and asked them to make a full game out of it - yes, the remix was probably a part of that deal, but otherwise we would've just gotten a Sonic 1 + 2 remaster port to PS4/Xbox One/Switch/etc. with just a couple of those levels. He could've said "no, don't add more levels" or "no, don't release that," but he went further than saying yes to the few new levels and helped push it through as a full-fledged game. Another tidbit: he gave explicit approval for the Chemical Plant Act 2 boss in Mania to the surprise of the developers. So you gotta give him some credit.

I'll echo the idea of having a fully originally 2D classic game from the Mania devs as one of my perfect Sonic games. I would also love a fully original 100% 3D boost game from the Generations devs.


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If we WERE to have another 2D game, would you want the pixel art direction, or like how Sonic 2 HD does it?


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Pixel art, I'd say. There's just something so appealing about it when done right! The Sonic 2 HD style looks really awkward to me. Some have said it looks like a polished online flash game and yeah, it kinda looks like that.

On the original question though, I would've loved to play a 3D sonic with the old-school platform game design like Mario 64 or Spyro. I know it's not at all Sonic's "style" since it flies in the face of "gotta go fast", but the thing that always enthralled me about Sonic games were the trippy otherworldy environments and art styles. To play a game that would focus on exploration like those old school platformers did would be a treat! Not to mention that I think all this focus on speed is probably what keeps Sonic in the crapper.

I think the reason I came to love SRB2 so much is the emphasis on fully exploring the environment. I can find myself getting immersed in it despite the dated graphics because of how involving the level design can be
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I'm a huge fan of exploration games myself, and that's part of why I still love classic Sonic as the old stages are amazingly deep and full of secret paths to uncover. On the other hand, I can't personally imagine a 3D free-roaming Sonic would go over well with Sonic's primary audience which seems to really like the modern roller coaster linear design. Having exploration in a game you can still play linearly is just far easier to do in 2D, after all.

Honestly, it's not like SEGA could possibly do an exploration game as well as Breath of the Wild anyways, so it makes more sense for them to stick with what they can actually do. Doesn't change that I would absolutely love to see Sonic in a 3D Mario kind of situation where your abilities allow you to explore the world based on physics. Imagine getting "stars" by using Sonic's ramp physics.
To be honest, I've always wanted an open world RPG with no main quest or story, where you play as a character you make at the start, rather than a main character. Kinda traditional towards weapons, leveling system, armor, etc. You can take on quests for money, buy things, interact with characters, travel around a complete world, stuff like that. It would take a long time to make, but I would love something like that.

EDIT: Also, when making your character, having the ability to wear clothing that won't affect your stats, just for appearance.
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A Utopia style game with an Adventure style storyline and mutiple characters who use their unique abilities to get to the goal [no more stupid gimmicks like fishing or SA2 style emerald hunting please] and a chao garden.
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Sonic Robo Blast 2

i love this game thet game is epic i really always playing it,or sometimes recording another game.

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I would LOVE to see a official Sonic game where the most unlikely thing happens. Metal Sonic teams up with Sonic to beat Eggman. Each of them have their own story. Sonic needs to stop Eggman like usual, but Metal Sonic wants to get revenge on Eggman and show him that he is his strongest creation once again. It would be in a similar way to MegaMan and Bass, where you could play as the iconic hero MegaMan, but also as his rival, Bass. And maybe even a final episode, where you control both of them in a similar way to Encore Mode in Sonic Mania, where you can switch between them, and you would need their powers for the final levels in the final episode, then the final boss, you would fight as Super Sonic and (Super?) Metal Sonic together. That would honestly be so cool, but then again I am biased towards Metal Sonic since he still is my favorite Sonic character as of now.
What would my perfect sonic game be...

My perfect sonic game would have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and, Silver all playable and unique big open stage's with momentum based game-play (meaning no boost). Secret area's Chaos emeralds, Super Form's, Dark Form's and, Hyper Form's all Playable at anytime If you have the specific chaos emeralds needed. (I imagine the way it would work is that after collect a set of emeralds you can Chose to bring that set of emeralds with you during stage select.) A Chao Garden. And Finally a fun new story that makes use of all the character's except for any character that has the word classic before their name, my dream sonic game is a modern sonic game. Pretty much think sonic robo blast 2 but way bigger in scope, like by open stage's i mean sonic utopia levels of open. (and one last thing i don't care where but i would like a cameo from Irish the hedgehog.) I'm not getting into story because I don't think i'm that good of a writer.



A Brand new 2d Sonic game, with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Ray, and Amy playable.

-Metal Sonic race, but the track doesn't stop you all the time.

-Animated Cutscenes (Not like 3 & Knuckles' cutscenes, actual hand drawn cutscenes.)

-A good story with CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. (something some sonic games don't have...)

-Sonic's abilites have more options (example: using both the drop dash and peelout)

-Hyper forms.

-Chao Garden (duh...)
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Really my perfect Sonic game is just SRB2.
-Everyone's wish, an easy to use Sonic level creator!


Just Sonic CD, but with a lot of new stages.

And replace the Final boss with a more difficult one...

Better Special effects...

Better level design....

A completely remastered version of the OST, maybe orchestrated...

Voicelines, and short cutscenes, as well as a new Voice actor...

As well as a fully functional Level editor.

New powerups, new Items, and EVEN new BONUS bosses.

Also, Revamp the Special stages while you're at it...


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That's simple: the game must be a classic one (no talking in cutscenes), Sonic should be the only playable character to be able to finish it and Robotnik should be the only villain.

Also no gimmicks.