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    [Reusable] More Sound Captions

    😳 will become creepy pasta on september 21st 07:35 EST
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    Silver The Hedgehog [V2.6]

    SRB2 does not (by default) support custom super themes. Could thou go into a bit more detail by what thou means by "the original Sonic the Hedgehog theme song"?
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    SRB2 Uncapped

    I don't understand the removal of the 64-bit dll; in my case DSZ1 would play at single-digit framerates except with the 64-bit dll, at which point it actually ran at around normal speed.
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes - Update 1.2

    + Added support for mods to add their own entries to the superTheme and specialTheme tables. * Super themes no longer appear as empty themes in the sound test. Turns out I didn't understand what should and what shouldn't be freeslotted.
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    ZackNAttack updated Character Super Themes with a new update entry: Update 1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    mod support is a great idea; making an update to this rn.
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    Charmy Bee

    Took thy suggestions; dries for 16 seconds (to match with his max flight time), removed the walk sfx, decreased vertical flight speed by 25%.
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    Charmy Bee

    I have everything except the sprites (since I can't sprite (though I have a signpost sprite by my sister)). Can fly for 16 seconds and flies faster than others but can't spindash. Can land on enemies or floors to damage or break them, respectively. Can walk through spindash gaps. Upon contact...
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    Henry Fail Messages

    I think it would be neat if the emerald fail would happen if one died from something right after they tried to go super.
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes - Update 1.1.1

    * Bugfix: Fixes issue with characters without set Super themes.
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    ZackNAttack updated Character Super Themes with a new update entry: Update 1.1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    Pointy has no super theme variants (or any set super theme). It turns out that I mistakenly set it so instead of setting the super theme list of a character without one to {"_super"}, it sets it to "_super". Due to that, when the error message tells how long the list is, it reports the length of...
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    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    Weren't the Chaos Emeralds what revived Sonic, not the kiss?
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    [Reusable] Personal default skin color 1

    Adds a command "setdefaultskincolor". Help is provided in-game by calling it without arguments. It can be used to set a color that one will automatically switch to upon changing to specific skins. For example, "setdefaultskincolor sonic tails red" will make it so that upon switching to Sonic or...
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    Personal default skin color

    ZackNAttack submitted a new resource: Personal default skin color - Set a color for a skin to switch to by default! Read more about this resource...