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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    It's possible to get stuck in the cloud floor in the hub, though it fixes itself when passing under the bridge or the train tracks:
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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Placing all three flowers .
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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    Chaos Cove took me a depressingly long amount of time to find the third emerald shard, so long that I had to open up Zone Builder and check each hunt spot manually through a process of elimination. It was actually a spot that I'd passed through multiple times, but the shard must have blended in...
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    Angel Island Tour

    Huh, Sticks is working fine for me? EDIT: Oof, Angel Island Run crashes Zone Builder in Visual Mode for me, I can see how nightmarish working on this might be :dramahog: EDIT2: @Rogerregorroger Ohh, the section right before Huge Crisis was expanded! Thank you for humouring me, haha.. that was...
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    Angel Island Tour 1.6

    I meant to give feedback on the pepsiman level and the boss level, but I ran out of steam, I apologize. :dramahog: I really liked how varied the house designs are in the starting area of the Pepsiman level, they had a lot of effort put into them and look really nice! Any of the trap manholes...
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    Angel Island Tour 1.6

    I can see is that this is named 1.5, 1.5 is the current release version, so shouldn't this be 1.6? (1.5 is the one that fixed the slowdown issue and changed the music to be a bunch of short clips of the zones) I'm playing the first map with Amy currently and have a bunch of feedback, a lot of...
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    Spin characters get crushed by moving FOFs when jumping

    In case you're not aware, the player is meant to automatically roll into spaces when spinjumping.
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    [v3.0] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Spring 2020

    Trying out 2.5 after experiencing a bug in 2.3, I get more warnings on loading the pack than before. First image is 2.3, second is 2.5.
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    Why not switch to other sourceports?

    Firstly, all three of those are as old as SRB2 is (GZDoom is a ZDoom fork, Zandronum is a Skulltag fork, PrBoom... is PrBoom... did you mean PrBoom-plus?). Second, GZdoom has a track record of throwing in feature after feature and generally being a bloated mess of code, while the main dev...
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    Enemy chase behaviour is random each Record Attack attempt

    While attempting a badnik bounce challenge, I noticed that the crawlas would behave randomly each time I restarted, whether it through the Esc menu or holding down the pause button. In the first video the game has been freshly loaded, and on the first "record attempt" the crawlas meet each other...
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    StephChars v2 - Revamp Update

    While I was randomly messing around I found an interesting interaction with Skip and quarterpipes: If Skip dives while pressed up against a wall, he doesn't bonk off it. He can then do a perfect dive cancel (or whatever the term is) to launch up the wall. Chaining frame perfect cancels launches...
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    Floating ring shadows in GFZ1 (Software mode)

    Oh, I only searched for duplicate threads here, didn't look at the git :dramahog:
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    Are you meant to be able to climbdash off of monitors? Also the dash kinda hilariously isn't affected by scale.
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    Floating ring shadows in GFZ1 (Software mode)

    As the player passes the first checkpoint, these ring shadows rise into the air in the distance. Only visible in the Software renderer.
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    A Character That Ruins SRB2 (Ember)

    I feel like the camerascale is uncomfortably close, is it to make her seem smaller? Also it's nice to see Ember! I hoped she'd be a playable character some day.