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    [Reusable] Finally, Anime in SRB2

    Finally. Sonic Robo Blast 2 as it was meant to be.
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    [Reusable] Blender template for rendering SRB2 sprites

    I'm really excited about this development! I can already see some cool stuff coming from this tool, perhaps a rendered character that doesn't look like it came straight out of a bootleg SNES game. Good stuff! You know you want it.
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    [Reusable] Molten Industry - V1.1.1

    This month has been insane. SMS Reborn, Kirby, the Derp, Azure Paradise and now this? To talk about the level itself, its great. I found myself really enjoying this one. The level design, gimmicks and enemy positions are done in a way so its tricky to navigate, but not impossible or unfair...