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    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    Unleashed HD, making it more accessible to people who don't have access to a 360, PS3 or PS3 emulation worthy computers, which is a large amount of people. It's a surprisingly hard Sonic to emulate, even 06 runs decently with a few added bugs (but reduced loading times) in certain builds of...
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    why does everyone take tails doll like a creepypasta?

    Low poly models just hit different man
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    You Know What Time It Is. It's Modding Time!

    New folk are so adorable lol I'm glad people aren't as aggressive as they were in the old days Amen. Large Discords are a pain in the keister and why I didn't feel at ease on the official server. At least IRC had people split between channels. Also less people overall, though mostly because it...
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    How do you organize your mods?

    My folder is 4 GB but it also has 1.09.4, 2.0 and 2.1 stuff in it. I know this is about mobile games but I'm thinking of getting the PC versions of FFXV and VII Remake soon and man. 100 GBs. I dread Star Ocean 6 PC's filesize when it comes out later this year, maybe. As for large mobile games...
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    What videogame would you delete?

    Honestly none because every single one of the games I dislike had a butterfly effect in some fashion and are thus unreplaceable
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    just git gud. duh Anyway this character is pretty good and it def gives me the same vibes I get from playing SA1&2 and that I would also get if they didn't mess up the acceleration on Heroes. Damn you Sega. Anyway this is like the closest we'll ever get to a customizable Sonic Adventure...
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    How do you organize your mods?

    Yeah. Last time I followed it with a lot of passion was during 1.09.4's era when I was like 11 (currently 24, 25 in 20 days), so I'm kind of getting acclimatized to modern conveniences. I actually tried 2.1 some years ago in 2013, because I got the cravings for SRB2, then vanished again...
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    How do you organize your mods?

    God I'm still in 1.09 mode so the idea of making separate folders for mods Did Not cross my mind Will consider doing some later, might do it for 1.09 too since I usually use SRB2 Launcher to play in a window. Being super up close on a fullscreen game makes me feel nervous, just a little quirk...
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    Sonic 06 is not actually that bad

    I see, I see... I'll give it a shot on either my Wii or Dolphin sometime.
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    Sonic 06 is not actually that bad

    Yeah I haven't played BK yet, I heard the gameplay is really jank, but the story is pretty good.
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    Sonic 06 is not actually that bad

    Yeah TL;DR Forces' biggest failure was that, even as a simultanously Classic enthusiast and an Adventure and some Modern enthusiast as I am, it tried too hard to please most parts of the Sonic fandom, which is an already problematic fandom with regards to unity, everything has it's own little...
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    Sonic 06 is not actually that bad

    As someone who plays like JRPGs a lot, even ones with jankier stories like Tales and Star Ocean (which I still like because I'm a simple idiot, Eternia and Second Story 4lyfe) I feel like the plot of Sonic 06 has much grander problems aside from just The Kiss, like The Kiss is the least of the...
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    [Reusable] Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff - the moive (2.2)

    this is still The Level Pack Ever
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    [Reusable] The S.O.S Brigade Pack

    Don't forget about Koizumi....... Haruhi my cinnamon roll
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    I broke SA2 lol

    Is this the Steam release? The Steam releases are especially jank even compared to the GameCube releases.