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    What's up with Modern Sonic v6?

    Aw, sweet! Thanks for disclosing that! This update's gonna be sweet!
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    What's up with Modern Sonic v6?

    BlueBlur's the CSS artist, he dropped it on twitter and said it's gonna be fucking massive, as I said.
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    What's up with Modern Sonic v6?

    To my knowledge, it's starting to form and it's gonna be fucking MASSIVE.
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    Port forward not working SRB2Kart

    That ain't very helpful to him.
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    Fixed I found a visual glitch in Techno Hill ACT 2,on the moving platforms on the upper part near the beggining

    Strange this hasn't been noticed, considering an invisible floor error in GFZ2 was fixed in the recent 2.2.9 update.
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    Old SRB2 Ogg Files / Alt Ogg Files

    From what I can tell, some of the alts are for ringslinger stages. Some alts are unused entirely. And a select few are from older OST's. THZALT is pre 2.2 THZ2, for example.
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Pet Peeves

    I mean, if I were to list one peeve, it's how the game doesn't have a form of a CRT filter. I want to make this game look epic, damnit!
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    [Reusable] Reveries

    OOH. Maybe not fire, though? Custom 1 or 2 seem like viable alternatives.
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    SRB2 v2.2.9 Patch Release

    He said the 2.2.9 renderer. The 2.2.8 one is a different OGL from 2.2.9.
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    Fixed The ERZ2 music loops early and skips about half of the track

    3D models aren't addons like HUD, palette and music mods are.
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    [Reusable] Reveries

    I found myself unable to super transform.
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    What FOV do you use?

    Mine's 90.