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    Max Control Sonic - Full Power

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    your first 100%

    My first 100%was in Kirby Super Star Ultra, sadly the save state got deleted by itself :(
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    Hud Question

    If you are in the Discord server you can see that i posted some gifs related to a SRB2Kart hud mod im making, (if you didn't know that i exist, you should see it :threat:) and its complete by my point of view. The problem is, is it ok on releasing it? And should i ask Kart Krew about reusing its...
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    Old mod I made for 2.1

    same :threat:
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    SRB2 Party exists. Discuss.

    Well that too
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    SRB2 Party exists. Discuss.

    Well, it isn't styled on Mario Party from what I see, it's based on Sonic Shuffle. One day i saw other gifs that shown other stages and one of them was a shuffle one, not sure if I'm correct.
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    Floral Cliffside Zone: Act 2

    Some months ago, i downloaded the Floral Cliffside port from this this thread, which is from this project. After playing the mod, i saw that theres only act 1 and 3, so i was thinking "do i ask for the level, or i do it myself?" Guess what. From the gifs and videos from the Chaos Conflict...
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    Two Lovely New Things

    third :trolle
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    [Reusable] Legacy Palettes - A Robo Blast From the Past!

    This just adds skincolors from Kart, 2.1 and others. This doesnt fix the 2.1 palette sprites like the one on the gif. Anyways, this is awesome!
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    [Reusable] Jake (V3)

    The new jake™