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If you are in the Discord server you can see that i posted some gifs related to a SRB2Kart hud mod im making, (if you didn't know that i exist, you should see it :threat:) and its complete by my point of view. The problem is, is it ok on releasing it? And should i ask Kart Krew about reusing its assets?

I really want to release this, but im aware how the reusability from Kart assets are.

Mod preview:


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I don't think you need to ask the kart team to use the hud, when you make a srb2 mod you don't ask sonic team Jr to let you use sonics sprite as a example, so no
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and if you don't believe me just go to kartkrew server


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It's common courtesy to at the very least ask the original creator if they're okay with it. Most of them are, but others don't like their work being used elsewhere without permission.

Other than that, this looks pretty nice to release.


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SRB2Kart does not contain any reusable content. If you don't have permission from VelocitOni to use the graphics he made, then you can't use them at all.

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