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Floral Cliffside Zone: Act 2


When the is! :flushed:
Some months ago, i downloaded the Floral Cliffside port from this this thread, which is from this project.

After playing the mod, i saw that theres only act 1 and 3, so i was thinking "do i ask for the level, or i do it myself?"
Guess what.

From the gifs and videos from the Chaos Conflict thread, i managed to recreate some parts of the act from scratch. It was painful, but somewhat fun to do.
Act 1 and act 3 were slightly edited to match with the times of the day like act 2, and act 3.

Note: This is pretty incomplete at the moment, so i cant show much.

Heres some previews of those maps. Also, act 2 will be only available since the port isn't reusable.


If you want, give some feedback so i can improve on making maps!

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