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    GG73 Pack - Princess Peach & Rosalina added!

    Added 2 new characters: Princess Peach and Rosalina! Changes to Young Link and Link ⦁ Updated both colour palettes and shading so they look nicer in game. ⦁ Their caps have a bit more movement when tilting. ⦁ Their victory pictures have been expanded and go outside of the sign...
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    [Character] GG73 Pack

    GamingGirl73 updated GG73 Pack with a new update entry: Princess Peach & Rosalina added! Read the rest of this update entry...
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    GG73 Pack 3.0

    Welcome to my character pack! This was originally characters just from the Zelda series, but now it has some gals from the Mario series, thus making it a general pack! There's 4 downloads to choose from: all of the characters in one, just the Zelda characters, just the two Mario ladies, or a...
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    [Character] GG73 Pack

    Both Adult Link & Young Link From Ocarina of Time (and Majora's Mask) take the wheel and join the races! V2 Update: Now with Princess Zelda and Ganondorf! Young Link Young Link is lightweight and not very speedy with a weight of 3 and speed of 3. But he'll still cut those corners nicely. Link...