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    Question about S_SKIN

    No problem!
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    Question about S_SKIN

    No, but with Lua, you can. You have to make a new super skincolor for that. They should be named like this: Super Randomname 1, Super Randomname 2, Super Randomname 3, Super Randomname 4, Super Randomname 5 For more information about custom skincolors...
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    Mario Level is in srb2 2.2 but not mario?

    This isn't that relevant to the conversation, but how did Sonic Boll survive? It's a pretty famous Sonic fangame, and it includes Mario and Luigi. The whole game takes place in the Mario universe.
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    My RVZ act 2-act 3

    Gives me a little 2.1 vibe!
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    Cristmas for 2.2

    Sorry, but I'm sure that you didn't make that. It's identical to a mod I've found earlier. It's made by Flar3guy. So please do not say that you made it. ..I'll share the link while hoping that I'm not doing anything wrong...
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    Paper Chars

    - Everyone can mod what they want to SRB2. - Ask Nintendo. The hammer is a classic weapon that Paper Mario has used since it's first game.
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    how can we stop sonic channel S?

    I just found out he said the N word to one of his viewers. :wow:
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    My camera keeps going thru walls

    I don't think this should be in Modding Help.
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    how can we stop sonic channel S?

    We have to find out his e-mail address and inform him that it's wrong to do that. Or if that doesn't work... ...WE'LL HAVE TO HACK HIM
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    Space Channel 5

    That might not be the definition of cringe, but I use it for that. Hmm.. Interesting...
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    Space Channel 5

    With cringe, I mean weird and odd.
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    Space Channel 5

    Cringe, I say. It just looks cringe to me... (But still cool on it's own way 😎)
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    How do I check if Sonic has homing thokked a badnik?

    This should help. (The after-homing part means that you put the code that should activate after homing.) Put player.homingfremove = nil in the after-homing part if you don't want that the code continues after the stuff that you have putted there BEFORE it. (Yeah, I'm bad at English.)
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    [Reusable] Airdrill [RECREATED] - The 2.3 (MrStoic-update)

    There has preeeetty many updates in this mod. Anyway, beeeg thanks to Cobaltn't for telling me about some bugs. Da goop's fixed. And da horizontal spring.
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    Airdrill [RECREATED]

    FinnishGameFan updated Airdrill [RECREATED] with a new update entry: The 2.3 (MrStoic-update) Read the rest of this update entry... 1615729995 If someone wins SRB2 with this mod, he gets some cookie and chocolate milk.