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    My OLDC Autumn 2020 Ratings

    Hello! These are my picks for levels, that were included in the submissions. Due to the big number of those submissions, I'm gonna write them all in the form of a top in the order from favorite to least favorite. Okay, so: SinglePlayer / Co-Op: 1. Shadow of Aztlan Zone 2. Pagoda Park 3. Emerald...
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    My OLDC Ratings

    I'm kind of new to that, so sorry if I did anything wrong by the rules. I also can't present criticism, because I can't get enough spare time to check everything again now, so it's only just gonna be the ratings. So here are my ratings: Hub - 8/10 Cyan Heights - 4/10 Aqua Paradise - 7/10...
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    Why 2.2?

    Hello everyone. I'm sorry for such a silly question, but why is the new upcoming release gonna be labeled 2.2 if it has sorta 85% reworked? Shouldn't it be 3.0 then? It didn't really matter to me that much until now. I'm just curious.
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    Two problems with compatibility.

    The title says it all: 1. Problem with resolution in OpenGL - Whenever I try using 1920x1080, the image is being cut in corners (900p and 720p resolutions work fine). My native resolution is 1842x1036 (weird I know), so that may be the issue. However, everything is fine in Software mode. (I've...