Two problems with compatibility.


The title says it all:
1. Problem with resolution in OpenGL - Whenever I try using 1920x1080, the image is being cut in corners (900p and 720p resolutions work fine). My native resolution is 1842x1036 (weird I know), so that may be the issue. However, everything is fine in Software mode. (I've been waiting for the fix since 2.1.15 when srb2dd was dropped, so I'm finally reporting it)

2. Sprites are being buggy when SRB2 is targeted by Open Broadcaster Software program - Whenever I try streaming SRB2, I can't target it in Windowed/Fullscreen without visual glitches. The sprites seem losing themselves or something. Also when I try targetting it fullscreen, the game freezes in OBS when the fadeout between something is being shown.
Example of sprite glitching:

P.S.Version is 64-bit btw.
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