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    [v1.5] Improper Technique Zone

    Hehe, funni Dead with Flower PFP does feedback, here we go! Also, I played your collab twice, first as Sonic then as Amy last. [/SPOILER]
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    [Reusable] SSNIsland

    My Feedback on your Levels Greetings, I have played your pack and I find the overall experience to this is okay, though there are some issues I would like to point out about your levels, you may want to check 'em if you wish. [/SPOILER] In conclusion, there are alot of things I've...
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    Votes + Feedbacks - Dead (Autumn 2020)

    Second time for me doing the votes and feedbacks, I hope some of you who joined last OLDC and now actually improved, well enough of this, I'll cast my votes now... Do note, I only play SP Submissions, MP isn't my cup of tea, though having 400ms isn't really pleasant. (Rankings are already in a...
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    Votes + Feedback - Dead

    Well here it is, my vote and feedback for the current OLDC. Though reminder that I played the level multiple times to find certain nitpicks within the level's design, being finding secrets or emblems, alternate paths, and different character playthrough. I also only play SP Levels, MP isn't my...
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    Wild West Zone - Supposedly Act 2 - Singleplayer

    My first ever submission in MB, though also the first being in OLDC Submission, I kinda screamed internally when MB was down though that extended deadline eases me lol, anyway the map only took me almost a month to finish this, though you might find the final stretch of the map a bit...
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    [Reusable] Alert! Red Fang in the base! CTF_2fort [F_SRB2fortLD-v2]

    Released finally, you made this map in like 2-3 days, seeing you worked on it in the mapping channel on the official server and asking question to how ZB works is something I'm really proud of you, keep on working on maps in your future projects yeah? Also, I tested it out a bit in which my...