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Second time for me doing the votes and feedbacks, I hope some of you who joined last OLDC and now actually improved, well enough of this, I'll cast my votes now...

Do note, I only play SP Submissions, MP isn't my cup of tea, though having 400ms isn't really pleasant.
(Rankings are already in a form of points.)

14. Shadow of Aztlan - akirahedgehog
13. Foliage Furnace - Kwiin & Kanna
12. Pagoda Park - Rogerregorroger
11. Galatic Facility - Mondongo
10. Gate Garden - Ruberjig
9. Emerald Aether - Krabs
8. Overgrown Heights Act 2 - InferNOr
7. Knothole Coast - Apollyon
6. Hakuryu Dojo - Zaxel
5. Alabaster Fountain - BronsoKip
4. Fatal Factory - Kuba11
3. Square City - Riolucariolu
2. Aquatic Port Zone - WasifBoomz
1. Azlant Ruins - Gambit
0. Dark Marsh - Vixuzen

And later on...
14. Shadow of Aztlan - akirahedgehog
You akirahedgehog did yourself a huge favour making this map, albeit your last submission did okay, which I forgot what rank I voted for you, but this one, this is amazing, the map itself as a whole, through-out it felt as if I'm in some sort of adventure, your custom textures, the way you used them, how you themed your level in such way, It's simply incredible.
Might I add that you have Emblems and multiple routes to take, you really outdone yourself here.
And the saga won't end, a finale for the next OLDC, couldn't wait.

Alright onto the actual feedback,
  • First, you have springs that has 5 rings on top of 'em (More likely at the start), players running at 'em won't get them all in one go due to how there's a gap in-between the springs and walls, I would recommend you placed those springs and rings near a wall.
  • I broke a bustable wood, upon broken, they produced rocks instead of wood pieces, you could try Bustable Parameters, consult the wiki for this.
  • You have Custom Enemies, that's great! However, it would be better if you add sound cues for them (Like moving, shooting, anything that will make it more noticeable by players)
  • Spike Pits, overabundance with spike objects, don't do this, use Brambles Texture instead with Spike Sector Special on it
  • Falling Rocks, I've seen 'em used, though they only fell on the same direction, so It's weird to have them
  • Your music didn't loop properly, should you make a map, next time add a proper loop to it, I was jammin, until it faded out like that, no jammin :(

In conclusion, great map, I've put you on top of the rank because this is the kind of map I've been looking for, a sense of adventure.
I didn't even mention in the feedback, nice Star Trek secret.
13. Foliage Furnace - Kwiin & Kanna
Hoho, the incredible duo outdone it again with their amazing custom textures and the usage of slopes, I've seen your submission last time and compare to this? You guys have improved a lot since then, again the custom textures both of you used are incredible, basically left a lifelike grin that I'm not even playing Vanilla SRB2 at all, but something different, great job on the aesthetic and great job on the decoration you've added (This includes the usage of slopes ofc)
Oh, if I may add, Emblems and Multiple Routes, an experience will not be just all samey with the paths I could take, :epic:

Onto the issues I've found,
  • First time loaded, saw grouped up Pyreflies, nice, a glorified Flying Crawlas but less dangerous, hey, their fires already cover up enough area as it is, plus when they're emitting their fire, It's not a very pleasant one with ears. Next time I would like it to be grouped up into 2 or 3, your choice.
  • Steam Jets, I know you're using this like a ghetto Yellow Springs, but if I would have a saying, please just have one Steam Jets to produce sounds and let the other ones nearby doesn't produce at all, or better yet, just use Springs, since you could miss 'em even when you're running at 'em, forcing you to be more careful and precise in which you'll have to make a stop to land on these Steam Jets (It gave me anxiety somehow).

    In conclusion, your level hits different than the vanilla due to custom textures, the level very well decorated in the sectors department (Slopes particularly), keep it up.
12. Pagoda Park - Rogerregorroger
Oh me oh my, the man himself joining OLDC, I looked forward for your content more in SRB2 and dare I say, spectacular use of Custom Textures that you've entirely made it out yourself, not just textures, your level design also spot on as well, the quirks in your art style is really astounding, you really hit it different. (This includes the many, and I mean alot of many references within your level, incredible) I also like what you did at the final section of the level, Water Slides and Hazards, good show.
Also, Emblems and some multiple routes, more playthrough, different experiences

Issues I've been meaning to spout :v,
  • You have a weird sets of stairs, wondering if this is intentional, sometimes the stairs are a few amount of that's enough to be elevated upon just by running, sometimes you'd have to jump on it, which is kinda annoying and I would like the stairs to be normalized better so you wouldn't have to jump on it every time
  • You may need to tone down the Shield Monitors, I've found Shield Monitors so close in proximity thrice out of the open, maybe next time you put those shield monitors in a cleverly well hidden place?
  • Tone down the use of Lance-a-bot badniks, you've put them too many in some sections (Yeah, I know you could just avoid 'em), I would like to recommend you that every section to have like either 1 or 2 of these.

    In conclusion, great work, your work is something I have regards on for you, you really have so much effort creating custom textures with your art style and being incorporated into your level of yours, I hope I'll be seeing you again in the future, Good luck!
    (Oh, if I may, when will you make some... Stuff into Object Things, you're using Linedefs way too much here, but, you do you what you know best :v
11. Galatic Facility - Mondongo
Oh hey, you've made Woody Torture zone, anyway I've played that level before and I was astounded how you managed to do multiple paths pretty well, without giving me confusion into where I should go, you also offer some new fresh or improved gimmicks when I get into a new section and may I have to congratulate you on this one as well, though I do say, you've made a map almost similar to Woody Torture, but in space!
In addition, Emblems!, encouraging to have replayability to search for them as different characters or not.

Onto the issues, I mean one issue and that is...
  • What is outside and inside should be visually more noticeable, knowing you're outside is when you have both low-grav and on a Space Countdown, how about adding a certain perimeter texture (or sector like in Vanilla ERZ) that would eye-catch players to know which ones that are breathable or not?

In conclusion, I've found your level very memorable in terms of exploring, I really like the effort you've put in with the level design, good luck on your next one!
10. Gate Garden - Ruberjig
Hello Ruberjig, I've known you for a bit longer but I haven't played one of your maps yet!, This might be the first one I've ever played from you and I intend to give my thoughts about it, quirky, that's all I have to say, the level themed you're going for is just splendidly unique, you've also done great on making Custom Assets, giving them proper sound cues is a huge plus here, you even have multiple routes to take for different characters, I like that Fang Path bit, good access for it, anyway...

The issues I've found so far, take 'em by heart...
  • You have an error regarding FOFs having their ceiling height lower than floor height, might want to fix that.
  • The Flower enemy, they're very annoying to deal with, they can't be killed with any other means (Dunno actually lol), and has a pretty weird hitbox with a weird animation, might want to check on that.
  • You have some, loud custom sounds, you might want to tone 'em down, very unpleasant for the first time, annoying later
  • The Collectables that does nothing? I can't tell what they are except just disappears and gave me a fake 500 Points (oof)

In conclusion, your work is something that I appreciate to run through, I just have a knack for level themes like yours, just keep at it what you're doing and improve, good luck!
9. Emerald Aether - Krabs
Well now, this may have been the second time I've played some content from you (First being 24hCollab if ya still remember), look at that, an epic GFZ, or rather Emerald Aether, I've played this level and quickly gave out an impression on how you design this level so level and through-out with slopes, that's not all, you have a momentum mod in it which makes the level a more interesting take on to experience. (I even have the leisure to paly as Metal to speedrun through it, love it)

The issues themselves, I hope,
  • Level is really lacking specific landmarks to be memorable, the first section and the final section really captures how memorable it is due to what it was perfectly themed, unlike most of the section it feels samey maybe.
  • The Final Section is a very weird one, I can't simply find the path at first glanced and also, the existence of the polyobject there just throws me off-guard of how fast it turns.

In conclusion, I've seen your other work besides SP, but never played them, I do like you make SP more honestly, since I'm very interested on how you design your level after all (You kinda made me think that your MP levels are SP at the time) anyway, keep it up and I hope I'll be seeing more from you!
8. Overgrown Heights Act 2 - InferNOr
Hello again InferNOr, look at your level, I did a good rundown with it on your last submission in Summer OLDC which was act 1, now in act 2, you've done better than before in terms of aesthetics and design, you've given a much fairness unlike last time, and you tone down some issues I've provided for you regarding rings, but anyway...

  • You're overdecorating stuff, which is good but for the most part you're like adding it into everything, makes your screen mostly obscure with these decoration everytime, I've suggested this in Act 1, tone down on how you decorate things, that'll make the levels much more comfortable to navigate.
  • Some of the springs are hard to land when you're a certain character that don't have any help on horizontal movement, this is probably due to how steep some of your slopes are, might want to tone them down?
  • StarPost being obscure by Flowers, I would say you shouldn't hide 'em from the players view, It's important for them have a noticable glance for the first time, I missed the StarPost three times until I heard a Checkpoint sound which made me stop and look for where the StarPost was.
  • A bit dark, probably due to colormap, pretty hard to see and tell, or this is just probably how sucky Software is lol.
  • There are some StarPosts where you angled them incorrectly, which means, whenever you spawn, it'll look at the direction at somewhere that Isn't your intended path, this is bad design, I really can't tell which StarPost was it since how obscure you put them inside a bunch of flowers, maybe next time in the future, check those StarPost on where it was angled, make sure whenever players reset or respawned, it will look at a direction of where should they be going.

In conclusion, you've done well, you've improved greatly since your last submission, I'm proud of you seeing you've made something more, though if I'm being honest, not an issue but your act 2 is rather shorter than act 1, can't say It's a bad thing, but nevertheless, I hope I'll see more from you, good luck!
7. Knothole Coast - Apollyon
Hey hey Apollyon, looking good as always, oh boi SRB1, I've played your map, It's great and I have no overbearing issues with it, you did a great job with the level design, you did it correctly and your custom textures are splendid.
You even added Emblems, that's cute! I love it, more replayability.

Anyway, here are the issues that may help you improve,
  • You have an error regarding an FOF has its ceiling height lower than the floor height, you'll want to check out some errors like those next time
  • Some rings without the Float Flag.
  • You have issues with some walls that are transitioned itself from ThoK Barriers to Midtextures, it makes it look weird honestly.
  • Near the end of the stage you have this section where It's just repetitive sloped wavey road, maybe in the future you could put something like, a water fall in the middle or something that makes this section less repetitive?
  • Underwater Cave section feels, empty, there's like not much decoration for most part, the waterfall inside was a very nice touch, though I hope maybe you could put like, more decoration with sectors? For example, broken floors and such.
  • At the end of the final section near the SignPost, before it actually on two sides each both having a lonely yellow spring in the corner, it just felt wrong to be put aside like that, maybe you could make it a bit more interesting like, a diagonal spring that jumps you backward but it'll lead you to a new FOF?

In conclusion, great map, short however though that's not a bad thing, you really did with the level design, it just feels right when I go through it.
Uhh, nice SRB1 secret and a secret within, you showed 'em >:)
6. Hakuryu Dojo - Zaxel
Hello again Zaxel, I've played your Heroes Hall at the Summer OLDC, now I've played your Hakuryu Dojo, you've done a spectacular job at level theming it really feels like a dojo, you have put little details here and there, which I have expected improvements from you, now onto the...

  • Your Custom Enemies are really obscure (rather very small to be noticed at for the first time), I did not ever notice 'em anywhere at all, they don't even provide any sound cues at all (Though I do hear the Bat screeching when they saw you), might want to give 'em more sound cues while they're on alert state or something (Bat Flapping Sound, Insect's uhh, ksksksks sound thing lol)
  • It's cool that you have Alternate Paths for specific characters, however, they're very lacking substance of why they are a Character Specific Path, they're just normal routes that anyone could take yet the access is only for those who can enter, please make it so that Character Specific Paths should be paths that where Character's abilities should be abused at.
  • Spikes Objects, too many of 'em!, this is intentionally will lag some rigs, I would recommend you use something else or lessens the usege of Spikes, for example, the spike pit should use Brambles instead os Spikes, give the sector a Spike Sector Special, then at some sector you can still use the Spikes, but please don't use too much, how about space 'em out better by 32x32 fracunits?
  • Score Monitors, don't use 'em, just give the player more Rings and you're good.
  • Boss Fights, I would say this is good, but the Boss Fight Design is just annoying, It's just a glorified Brak but with the ability to teleport and annoy you, the annoying part was how this dude always teleport near the edge where the edge itself has a higher elevation than you are, forcing you to either find a slope near it to jump off to the boss or get yourself at the risk by jumping at the same elevation as the boss, the fix is simple however, don't let the boss go went through a higher elevation, fight it at the same elevation as you are at all times, this would lessen the annoying part where you managed to hit the boss after being hit retaliate by rocket you to oblivion.
  • You have so much ring scattered everywhere, even on the mainpath, you have your Ring Monitors everywhere, maybe you should tone down the rings?
  • Near the final boss, an Extra Life Monitor is placed in a very close proximity with the StarPost, don't, makes the boss being detrimental at being punishing

In conclusion, amazing as your level is, It's a given that you still have alot to learn, do not fret, I see potential in you, you DID make an attempt on a boss, which is a plus, though you'd have to learn the design around it, and maybe test different characters thoroughly, even when playing as Fang, the boss still as heck annoying, can't wait to see more from you!
5. Alabaster Fountain - BronsoKip
This is just simply astounding, your map is huge to the point where I see alot of rendering errors just because of it, I just had to play as multiple characters since you have like so many paths that are specifically for that character, the paths I've been through are just fun asthose characters.
Your level has emblems, amazing replayability by the way, instant plus.

And, the issues themselves,
  • Those alternate spike gate trap texture that goes up and down looks neat, though if I'm being honest, you're better off using Spike Objects that goes retract and unretract, It's not a very good decision in level design when it quickly goes up and blocks you while damages you.
  • Your level also spouts an error claiming some of your FOF's height ceiling is lower than your height floor, not a good thing for a renderer I supposed?
  • You used Spikes Object as Spike Pit Hazard, don't do this, just use Brambles and Sector Special Spike Damage.
  • You have alot of weird water waterfall texture that are just looking static, might want to fix that, though I can't tell It's intentional or not however, it looks scary.
  • You should do a colormap for your water, it looks clear as above the water surface when you're inside.
  • I can tell there are so many parts of your stage are unfinished, not just texturing, often you rushed the section with just simple platforming
  • For how huge your stage is, you didn't provide any new interesting level designs for later sections since It's just mostly platforming, basically it felt like all too samey and doesn't provide memorable moments when I ran through those sections, might also want to work up on your texturing, It's samey aswell.

In conclusion, It's pretty astounding how you did it, map is so huge with so many paths that existed though the level has so many issues as I pointed them out, you have a very solid understanding in level design though for a huge map, most of the sections are just the same since they're all just platforming from here to there, I really wished you still working on this and post it on a different season od OLDC, anyway, I hope I'm seeing more from you, good luck!
4. Fatal Factory - Kuba11
Well well, I may have to say this is the first map I've played from you, I'll have to say, you did a great job making a full gauntlet of traps, spectacularly it may have not been my cup of tea, but you did splendid with the decoration oin your level environment,

Da issues,
  • One of the Extra Life Monitor you placed is casually near a certain StarPost, you shouldn't really have done that, it makes specific section detrimental of being punishing, replace it with something else like Ring Monitor.
  • Level seems to be laggy for me, might be those bubbles you're producing in those Yellow Lava, might want to tone it down if you can :P
  • Are the Glass made of Transparent FOFs, it looks like it, if it does I would suggest you use Midtextures instead and gave it either a Linedef Action of 902-909, this will help improve performance a bit, in addition in the future, doing so with Midtexture will provide a better efficiency at setting up.

In conclusion, I'm just surprised how you've made those glass walls as FOF, crazy, though I didn't have that kind of fun due to lag, then again, you did good bud, and I couldn't wait for your next project, good luck!
3. Square City - Riolucariolu
Simple and laid, you did it great with a city looking level, though very linear, anyway,

The Issues,
  • Shatter Blocks, you may need to change the Rock Textures when the Glass broke down, they're just weird to notice.
  • Take a good notice on the Glass Bustables, when first time players played your map, they will give a sense of confusion that they might be in a dead end, you might want to change the texture of the glass to be cracking, this will give an indicator to the players that It's breakable.
  • Your music didn't loop properly, might want to add a proper loop, I had a good time hearing it while playing till it fade outs just like that
  • Your StarPosts has an issue, just one StarPost will activate all StarPosts, meaning only one checkpoint available in the level, might want to pay attention on these next time.

In conclusion, short as it is, you have potential and I have you map more and improved more later on, good luck!
2. Aquatic Port Zone - WasifBoomz
Well hello again WasifBoomz, I'm very proud of you to tackle on mapping again, and this time I've saw your map, you've improved greatly the last time you did your previous submissions in the Summer OLDC, high respect, anyway, I've played your map, still have the same vibe as before but better,

The issues,
  • Weird use of Water (More or less how you use 'em and their textures), there are many parts in your level where waterfall are just not transparent and normal looking water being transparent? It confuses me much more or less, it makes it not good looking honestly.
  • There's a potential softlock (In the first room with the Star Post), in which if you take too on top of the crumbling red -orange floor, it'll spawn and never crumbles itself, which makes you stuck and softlock your progress, might want to look into that.
  • Rings without the Float Flag being on, just like last time? (Hypertower)
  • Excessive use of badniks, you placed like many of them regarding Fish Badnik and Pop-Up Turrets, maybe you need to tone 'em down.
  • Repetitive use of Textures, you need to variant more textures so it won't look so bland, for example you have water all over from left to right, but have you tried adding another distinct texture that outlines any other?
  • Floor Touch Hurt Sectors, this is a weird section, how about you give it a different elevation so it will indicate better that's a hazard, and prevent any easy slip ups?
  • Your slippery water wave section is very lacking in terms of direction and visuals on where the water would led you to, It's a better way that you used a different texture instead of a normal looking water that doesn't show any waves, also, it might be also better if you added elevation into it, it might help give clarity better.
  • - You have some section that have weird layout to navigate, one time I had to go up and get nothing but instead the correct path was below, maybe put a reward or something, though more or less you need a better eye catching thing to direct players for better navigation.
  • Your puzzles really lacking visual indicators and beginner-level teaching, you simply just placed a puzzle out of the blue in advanced form with danger surrounding, I would prefer you would teach the player first in the safe area and much more recognizable on what the buttons do in the first place, this will give them ideas of what puzzle to tackle later on.
  • You mostly have sections that are cramped and coupled with textures that are used repetitively (Which is rather confusing to navigate), not a good sign there, next time have expand its size and check on my previous feedback about textures, would make it worthwhile.
  • I see a checkpoint and an enemy nearby )Pop-up Turrets) and directly onto your view, don't do this, It's bad.
  • Map is too blocky, maybe spruce it up with many shapes and sizes?
In conclusion, keep it up, I had a good time running in your stage, you have really neat ideas regarding the usage of Linedef Triggers, and always mapping and improving, don't be afraid to ask some design tips, you rarely ask them in the OS Discord Server, I've already heard from you about your next project for the next OLDC, good luck!
1. Azlant Ruins - Gambit
Gambit there hello, let me tell you that you did a nice job on your map, though if I'm being honest that entirety of your level is just simply awesome at first glanced but later into the level, it gets less, though...

The issues,
  • There's some of your section lacks direction or rather having lesss clarity on where should I supposed to go, I can't tell if It's because I was lagging hard or there's not enough rings to find
  • May I suggest you tone down the use of badniks? There are so many RoboHoods, and most of them are placed in where I'm at the same elevation as them, put 1 or 2 in a same section and placed them where I can't reach them first on the very first encounter to them, the smartest you did to put them was exactly placed them at the outdoor area (With a building in view) with a huge runaway, that's smart.
  • Mind if I tell you that the top path in the first section when you spindash has a very bland texturing? Somehow the bottom path sure does better at texturing than the upper one.
  • The last section is the weirdest section of them all, the place seems kinda random and often times you can't reach the top but instead fell into the water and just ran straight, though if I'm completely being honest, you have less decoration than the earlier parts of the level.
  • I like the hanger gimmick, you did a good job incorporating those, though maybe you might want to put them in a beginner-level of teaching within the safe area next time, putting in a water where below you is a deathpit, basically won't give first timers a good time.

In conclusion, you did good bud, but sorry if I had to give you a lower score, probably because of the lag and how poorly your texture work was on the later parts of the level, but don't feel hard on yourself about it, what matter is you can improve by taking what I've just said, and I know from the fact you could do better in the future, good luck on your next level!
0. Dark Marsh - Vixuzen
Hello buddy, I have took on interest on Dark Marsh first due to how there aren't that many levels I know that would tackled on a Swamp Themed level, and I say you are really did spot on with the theme, you also have custom textures aswell so It would be a different experience overall and help to set off the mood.
Also you have Emblems, a needed material for replayability, anyway...

  • Instant Death Swamp, epic, could we have a damaging water instead so it would be less punishing?
  • Some Rings have a missing Float Flag, might want to pay attention to those.
  • Your level feels very cramped, navigating through it is often annoying due to camera spazzing out or getting close to your character, next time try to expand these cramped sections, make the camera looked comfortable when looking around
  • You have too many badniks almost in every nook and cranny of the level, especially RoboHoods, I suggest you tone them down, they're pretty much very annoying everywhere

In conclusion, I'm really sorry if I chose this map as the lowest of them all but It's because of how I dislike the fact that your level have death pits all over and they are Swamp Water, plus a coupled with some sections that are very cramped to navigate, I still liked your way to theme a level, It's very good nonetheless, and I hope later one, you'll improve and see you again on your future project!
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