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    How did you get your Username...

    I've explained my username in other threads but I guess I'll explain it again. Basic Bronze Sonic is the name of my Sonic OC and I made my Sonic OC a bronze recolor of Metal Sonic because in SRB2 version 2.2 Metal Sonic turns bronze when he goes super and I thought to myself that it looks lame...
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    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    The upgrade of the hoster for the SRB2 message board is good... But it's so different that I find it hard to come onto here as often as I did before... But yeah emotes is life now :worry::wow:
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    About the female characters in the Sonic series

    Woah did things get going with this topic, well I guess I'll give my opinion on in general female characters in anything cartoons, movies, and video games as a whole. While yes female characters deserve more attention and such I think that internet media is doing it wrong, now yes lesbians...
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    Any interesting stories behind the creation of your Sonic OCs?

    I saw that Metal Sonic turned bronze in SRB2 when he goes super and I thought to myself that it looks more like a Metal Sonic recolor but then I wanted to make a Sonic OC and I knew that I was terrible at drawing so made the Metal Sonic recolor that I use as my php Basic Bronze Sonic, it's not...
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    How'd you get your profile picture?

    I just recolored an image of SRB2 Metal Sonic around back in mid July of 2020 because when I saw Super Metal Sonic I thought to myself that he should just be called bronze Metal Sonic but then I thought to myself that I want to make a Sonic OC out of it and me knowing that at the time I was not...
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    Hexhog (SLW Sonic)

    Yeah there are some versions out there with what custom sprites were made and I wanted to make some sprites myself but I'm not good enough of a spriter to make SLW sprites and no one was making any sprites other than like 1-2 people so it quickly went down the drain.
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    What are your top 3 Sonic villains?

    1. Dr. Robotnik (entire series of course) 2. Shadow the hedgehog (back in Sonic Adventure 2) 3. Scourge the hedgehog (from the Archie Sonic comics) Dr. Robotnik because he's not only a great character with great writing and a voiceactor but we've also had him around ever since day one...
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    Hexhog (SLW Sonic)

    Sorry for the late reply but Oh hey it's finally released, I'm of course one of the beta testers so I gotta say... God damn is the SLW Sonic discord empty :blink:
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    How to change game save data for Android

    It was what I said in the original thread because I had beaten SRB2 on linux before but when I tried on Android my phone would keep on crashing on Castle Eggman Zone and Arid Canyon Zone so I was convinced that it was impossible to beat SRB2 on Android, I of course know better but it's still...
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    Sonic Unleashed

    I remember playing a bit of Sonic unleashed myself but similar to everyone else's opinion, I hated the werehog stages and- oh wait let me reword it, I hated the werehog stages with all my heart. The werehog stages caused my very first Xbox 360 crash and they were so slow that I was able to eat...
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    How to change game save data for Android

    Basic Bronze Sonic submitted a new resource: How to change game save data for Android - The things you need to know for how to get all emblems and stuff on Android Read more about this resource...
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    How to change game save data for Android

    Alright well it's not like anyone will dig deep for the original thread so might as well repost it here. alright so let's acknowledge something first. cheating may not be okay but there is no way anyone can 100% srb2 on Android, but still don't do stuff like hack the master server because that...
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    How did you find out about the srb2 message board and why did you join?

    Your thread is about SRB2 the game while this thread is about the SRB2 message board specifically so I think this thread isn't copying your thread, anyways I didn't think it would be possible to find out about the SRB2 message board just by doing a google search but alright then.
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    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    First off you double posted but second off yay 3.0 is released but unfortunately third off the attachment is invalid
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    What is your guys opinion on the new message board so far?

    For me Vbullitin worked a little t better on Android for me but I understand that it might not apply for others, I will say though that I don't like the emote system because I feel like it should be more of an srb2 skybase only thing but I think the emote system is something that everyone has...