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Race in 8 different Battle for Dream Island themed tracks that I've created in the past few weeks! You might've already played on some of these maps early before MB release if you've played on my server: Stapy's Multi-Verse!

These maps are also compatible with Player Bots!

This is the first cup of the mod with the same name, It has 5/5 courses! The first course, Two Circuit is easy until the next maps progressively become harder until you reach all the way to Yoylite Caverns!

Two Circuit - Yoylecup 1 (MAPS2)
Race in a super simple Two-shaped track in Goiky! The race is 6 laps long and has 2 super-simple shortcuts!

- I actually made this map last due to how difficult my other maps were to other players, This should hopefully be easy for them!


Awesomeness Clubhouse! - Yoylecup 2 (MAPCH)
Barge into FreeSmart's Clubhouse of Awesomeness! Which has just expanded! Avoid driving on the disco floor!

- Using OpenGL would make the textures in the map quite ugly.
- The disco floor doesn't have any animations but driving could cause them to look like flashing lights. If you're sensitive to flashing lights, you might want to leave the server if this map gets selected.


Yoylecake Road - Yoylecup 3 (MAPYC)
Race around on a giant Yoylecake with precise jumps and timing! Also with bouncy orange icing droppings!

- It is not possible to beat this track on Easy mode.
- Due to it's difficulty, The lap counter has been set to 2
- For some reason, the final checkpoint to the finish line is broken as it claims that you're behind everyone, Still trying to fix that.
- This map will likely be replaced with a better Yoylecake Road in v3.0, as well as moving this version to Map Hell.

Lava Four - Yoylecup 4 (MAPLF)
Based on BFB 11's challenge, Race on tables that have been carved into a Four-shaped track with bouncy seats! Careful not to fall into the lava!


Yoylite Caverns - Yoylecup FINAL (MAPYL)
Dive deep into the caverns filled with Yoylite! It gets darker the deeper you go so be careful down there!

- Map's music is an XM file so Mac players can't hear it
- Orange arrows are thrown into the caverns to direct players on where to turn if they're stuck in the yoylite dripstone areas.
- This map is easier to OpenGL players with shaders disabled.
- There's a super-secret area in the map that gives 5 Grows! Can you find it?
- In the Upcoming v3.0 update, The super-secret area may be removed (Also removing the "L" from the naming conventions) in the update as well as the deeper parts of the level being slightly brighter
The next cup added in the v2 update! Started at 3 maps at release and finished on v2.2

Block Eraseway Zone - TLC Cup 1 (MAPER)
Race around a track covered with blocks in the shape of Eraser. This map is based on the challenge of TPOT 2. Avoid bumping into blocks, This map is 6 laps long! This map is also compatible with Battle Mode!


Davidland Zone - TLC Cup 2 (MAPDV)
It's a track populated with Davidians! Watch out as they will try to chase after you! Steer through the course while avoiding Davids!

- I wanted them to say "Aw seriously?" everytime when they see you but they always freeze in place when they succeed.


BFDI Machine Factory A Zone - TLC Cup 3 (MAPAN)
Race around a David-operated factory with Last BFDI playing all over the factory. This track may include a lot of spinouts with the David section.

- This was originally going to be "Announcer's Factory" but I didn't know when and where to put in the speakerboxes
- I was also originally gonna make crushers but whenever I tried to, the whole level's ceilings become crushers
- This will have an encore theme in a later update, I just don't know how to yet though.


Blocky's Funny Stadium International - TLC Cup 4 (MAPFD)
Race around in Blocky's Stadium, filled with slopes that risk players falling off of and find stacks of Blocky's clones around the map!
Don't ask how he got bugs in there though.

- This is finally the first map to use slopes if you don't count the hellmap: Bug Slider


Snow Plus Gasoline Equals Glue - TLC Cup FINAL (MAPGG)
In this level, Several gallons of gasoline were poured into the snow, mixing them into glue! The glue will slow you down a bit more than off-road! Use ice ramps in your way to jump over the glue!

Balance Beam (MAPBT)
A BFDI 1a challenge remake! Try to push others off the balance beam with your bare karts! How fun! No seriously this is like the worst map I've ever made

- Throwable items are completely useless, Orbinauts hit YOU instead when you launch them
- The middle of the balance beam is Donut's Cherry Filling!
- There are Pogo-Springs on the back of each edge to help yourself back into the game!
- Due to how terrible this map ended up being, Balance Beam may be removed in a future update


Evil Leafy Maze Game (MAPEL)
Okay this is a fun map. The main goal of this map is to try to avoid Evil Leafy as she hunts you and the other players down around the maze! And of course you can also try to attack the other players but good luck as there is no minimap helping you in this map!

- Due to how quick-moving Evil Leafy is, every replay of this map will always be de-synched as Evil Leafy would be moving somewhere else in the replay. So if you want to save a video of yourself playing on this map, use a screen recorder (like Bandicam) when you're playing on the map!
- Sorry, the GIF used is a bit misleading since Evil Leafy actually doesn't kill you instantly when she catches you, However in order for her to actually kill you when she catches you, install the Funny Deaths addon!

Four And X Circuit - The Original "Yoylecup 1" (MAPFX)
This is the very first map I actually created. Race through a Four shaped circuit filled with obstacles. It later transitions into an X circuit! Due to how terrible this map was and barely had any room for other players so it was moved to Map Hell.

This map is NOT compatible with Playerbots, expect it to be deleted in a future update!

- This map does not have fixed rankings, expect the leaderboard to tie others in 1st place or something like that
- Four and X Circuit may be removed in the Future Update but less likely than the others


Bug Slider (MAPSB)
This is my first take on using slopes, So I made a "Slider" level. You slide down and up on a slide made out of giant bug eggs with some bugs crawling around them. Avoid bugs as you slide your way through the level.

- Playerbots will often fall off the track at the slopes that slide them up
- This was originally going to take the "TLC Cup 4" slot but due to how badly made and difficult this map is, This map was instead put in Map Hell.

BFB 11 - The Original "Yoylecup 2" (MAPTO)
A re-creation of BFB 11's challenge. Get to the top of the staircase with the help of Pogo-Springs! Due to it being unplayable against other people online, This was moved to Map Hell.

This map was removed in Version v2.2 and can only be played in older versions.

- You would need at least 25 pogo springs to reach to the top. Hit the red button to win!
- There are absolutely no checkpoints, Once you fall off, you have to start all over again!
- Players would randomly be set to spectators while trying to reach the top.
- Due to how terrible and broken this map ended up being, BFB 11 may be removed in a future update
- Some maps may be too cramped for a full 16-player server
- For more fun experience, It's recommended to download my Battle for Kart Island mod and this mod together!
- This map pack takes up the following map slots: FX, S2, CH, YC, LF, YL, BT, ER, DV, AN, EL, SB, FD, GG
v1.0: Release
v2.0: Added TLC Cup with 3 maps available, Added Evil Leafy Maze Game as a battle track, Fixed Yoylecake Road's minimap
v2.1: Made it easier to go through BFDI Machine Factory A Zone. Added Bug Slider as a hell map.
v2.2: Finished TLC Cup, adding 2 brand new courses. Removed BFB 11, Freeing up the slot for MAPTO for another map to overwrite.
v2.3: Changed the floor of Blocky's Funny Stadium due to hard readability according to 2 players who have tried it out on my server. Not satisfied with the new floor but it had to be done.
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Welcome to releases. While I'm sure you can have some fun races on them, these maps are pretty rough around the edges. Pretty flat, tough readability, invisible spring panels... there's definitely some work still needed here. But there's also some potential, and I hope to see you keep improving as you continue your mapping career. Keep it up!
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